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An accident the in the HOV lane it's slow going from Bethany drive with KLIF traffic on the flights I'm bill Jackson I mean religious brand Martin we're gonna be mostly sunny and warm with a high near seventy six this afternoon loner sixty three with rain mainly north hi mostly cloudy breezy eighty two tomorrow eighty five on Thursday rain moving in probably late Thursday or Thursday night showers and thunderstorms likely both Friday and Saturday I'm KLIF W. B. A. P. meteorologist Brad right now it's fifty one degrees in Dallas fifty three in fort worth and sports minute shooting enthusiasts public safety professionals you know with the new year comes new here and it's waiting for you at your one stop shop for all your public safety and tactical E. G. T. distributors commented to say hot check out the new gear from select brands that you know that you can trust like streamlight Magpul five eleven o'clock like the Glock forty four twenty two LR it's only three hundred and fifty nine dollars this is the ideal pistol the starter in Hatcher shooting experience or bring like the darkness with the streamlight TLR tactical weapon light small and mighty would you brightness levels perfect for any set up for right or left handed shooters G. T. distributors in America's public safety professionals for forty five years and provide the highest level of products and service for our country's law enforcement community we're at twelve six ten perimeter drive in Dallas near the intersection of Shiloh and northwest highway G. T. distributors online at G. T. D. I. S. D. dot com new customers ten percent off your first order restrictions apply G. T. distributors.

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