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And we see that obviously in California, but we worry about that. Now more than I think we ever have in a place like Carmel valley. I. These things are happening. We've seen what's happening California. We're seeing what the fires are doing in California. We're seeing with droughts the impact address can have on our lifestyle. These things are real. And as I said. What is necessary more than ever? Is to understand that. This is reality. It is what is happening. And that we cannot pretend that somehow this is just something that we've seen in the past and therefore shouldn't worry about I think this is a fundamental issue that is affecting life itself. And you know that. I'm by nature an optimist. You can't be in politics in this country and not be an optimist. I think I think with enough people continuing to talk about the impact taking steps to deal with it communities corporations others that try to do what's right? I think that there will be a time when the world as it tried to do in Paris will in fact, unify to confront this threat. Greg Dalton has been talking to Leon Panetta served as secretary of defense and director of the CIA under President Obama. This is climate one coming up Greg talks to Admiral David Titley about climate change. And military readiness readiness is the ability to make sure that when we put our sons and daughters our soldiers, sailors or marines in harm's way to protect our nation's interest that they are going to be successful that even when the other guy is either metaphorically or literally shooting at us that's up next. When climate one continues..

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