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Welcome to episode three of the Jasmine Star show today we're going to do something a little different and they have to admit I am shaking in Boots for you to hear it okay I don't really wear I'm actually not wearing boots right now actually barefoot with my toes running through the carpet but if I was wearing boots I would totally husband and my business partner in amy is like basically the beyond say of podcasting and she also happens to be one of my sweetest dearest most kindest best as friends and I am so grateful she agreed to do this we get real today from the details of how I met jd at just seventeen years old and also jd will admit his biggest pet peeve about me I hope you guys already for some straight up vulnerable ready because you guys are going to hear it all okay without further ado here is eighty porterfield interviewing me and jd well well well Jasmine and JV welcome to.

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