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Dollars search harf it's mitchell drink walnut creek so come on by twelve i'm gonna be there for a little while and then we'll have a good time we did last year was great a lot of people picked up pets that they couldn't afford to to pick up and it's a great program and it's it's welcome to the baseball season so hey i want to put this out on twitter right now you're paying for all cats and dog options or just a animals or what is it they only have cats and okay so that would be the only cat dog adoptions and this is this is sunday noon to six at our at our efforts on mitchell mitchell drive in walnut creek that is a blessed it's good that is fantastic news we just talked to matt duffy yesterday about his dog and he's in love with his he his rescue dog dakotas so i got us all going on our dogs in i was actually given flashing trixie extra couple rescues themselves some some extra love last night and so every is in the mood go get one and that is so generous of you yeah it's a it's a it's what they do there is is that saw plastic and the great thing about if you have pets and you know whether it's a dog or cat they don't have bad days they don't well you know you wake up in the morning and they're going to be in a good mood and they're gonna be average so anyway i don't wanna go on too much about this but so son is gonna kick off the baseball season for us to come and visit and i'll see you monday at the play ball luncheon right that's right that kicks off of it's another day that really kicks off the season you know the.

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