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Going to be successful. If Michael Malone and the Nuggets don't counter it. Because even though Nicole Yokich is a better basketball player than Paul George It is perceived that Paul George is a star. Is a superstar. M V p candidate last year in Oklahoma City. So is Nicole Yokich. You know, and it's not like Paul George has this unbelievable track record of just stacking up championships. Get to want one conference finals with Indiana. And I don't mean to turn this into. Ah. Pile on Paul George because I like Paul George. I really do. I like him. I think he's a very good player. I think he's a star, but Nicole Yokich is better than him. And the idea that Paul George can say what he says, and it will influence the officiating and Nicole Yokich can walk up with you. No handprints all And scratches all over him and not get more calls. There's something wrong with that. I don't know. Maybe if Nicole Yokich can lead the Denver Nuggets to a Siri's win, he'll start getting that respect. But I mean, he's not encore, I Leonard's level. I would 100% concede that But he is not only at Paul George's level Paul George Has a little ways to go to get to Nicole Yokich is level. But this is the game. The Clippers are going to play and they're going to win if Michael Malone doesn't come back at them. And in his post practice press conference today. And this was in the last 30 minutes or so. Michael Malone had a great one liner. Which is what Michael Malone does very well. He does the one liners very well. Michael Womb, was asked about Patrick Beverly's comments. Malone said. Quote. I don't listen to Patrick Beverly a whole lot. If Cho why Leonard was talking, maybe I might have listened to it. Kwai Kwai Sze, a great player. End quote. Great one liner coach. Good job. And I'm not being sarcastic. But you have to play this game. From the tip. Tomorrow night. You got to be on there, Officiating. Not not to get Nicole Yokich calls That's not what this is going to be about. This is going to be about preserving Calls that Nicole Yokich does get and rightly so. Doc Rivers carries a lot more clout than Michael Malone, Paul, Georgia and Patrick Beverley. Carry more clout than a lot of members of the Denver Nuggets. Right or wrong. That's the way it is. So Michael Malone has to engage in this Just to get us back to zero. Right just to negate tried in the gate with the Clippers were doing And it's unfortunate and it's not a part of basketball. I like I don't like the that the officials in basketball, perhaps more than any other sport are so easily influenced. By coaches and players. And no other sport. Do you see? Officials get influenced as much as you do in the MBA. And it's It's not great, but they're human and as long as there's not rules in the rulebook Preventing them from getting on the officials every single time down the floor. It's going to continue to happen, and at the end of the day officials or human Could you sit there? Even if you were paid like a referee, Which isn't that great? Let's say your professional referee. And one of the most respected and revered coaches in the MBA. Doc Rivers is just riding you for 48 minutes. You don't think you would bend a little bit. Course you would. It's an unfortunate fact. An MBA officials are a little bit, I think softer when it comes to these things than other leagues. But it's something the Clippers can exploit, and the Nuggets have to do everything in their power. Teo fight back. To complain back. Get underhanded, get get passive aggressive. Michael Room. Get tossed from tomorrow night's game. Do whatever you need to do. You can't let this advantage such a huge advantage You have in this Siri's You cannot let it go away. Because if they're going to start officiating Nicole Yokich tighter And not giving him the calls that he deserves to get. Clippers were goingto wrap this thing up quick. 5 to 29872 will take your thoughts on the comments by Patrick Beverley. And the responses by Nicole Okay? And Michael Malone. What is a flailing That's our superstar. 5 to 29872 back after this. From the chief Vapor traffic center..

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