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With me doing poem about homeless people and studied photography at two T- ads campus and ahead of documentary assignment that it had to do over theory school period as school break periods? So I took a huge leap of faith in juneau AD. Limina do the usual usual at everybody's different. The universe just known today to about homeless people and took like I said You. Not even my lecturer say take that people faith in spend some time with him. You know Nosy like okay. I will go an extra step and say you know what? Let me try and spend inmate or two with them and camouflage myself as a homeless person to get this story in depth not excited so to be cutting the story short. I didn't survive the streets. You know I spent the day even the NATO when alas name you know and it was a rough guys because I I heard stories and so things and it was it. Staff guys address not beautiful. 'cause like these people would even step each other for a blanket to keep warm at night and. Oh Yeah and then the Palestine Poem also. It was bashed bashed. You know you you you you witness off today but you know it's like no limit hold beg because they're gonNA get pissed now. So what I did is that I can go to Palestine guys you know besides having a passport or visa or whatever you know even financing what It's rough out there. You know what is going on right now so what I did is that I gathered as much information as possible. The News looks history with my mom as well knowing these things so I gave it all those things and I put it together. And they've called me at a conference called GonNa Gang In Solidarity with the people of Palestine does the Palmas born. You know so I delivered poem and there were a couple of people from Palestine date. There was a guy a boy who experienced the violence there in the there was an explosion that happen next to him and then partially his his head was like out ahead to be transported to from Palestine to South Africa to get like that surgery and to cover up the you know so I delivered a poem in front of people from Palestine and people even have a problem with it. Then you come then come to their places boom and they'd become DB. Can we say if you WANNA speak to someone else? The the main thing is information and the information is important guys okay and Said said enough. They were poets. Who came to this place? Twenty eight hundred thousand nine hundred who delivered poems guys and they ask them questions and they just said no ours inspire add this and they didn't even get information and stuff like that and Okay to to to be blunt on this show casing the place in August and they asked me why I'm not claiming anymore explained and told them that why is it that would diesel so quick and write a poem about a prostitute and he's never been a prostitute and okay okay. He's never he's reasonable about Texas drivers and I think and believe is never written a poem apart security cuts. I don't think he's ever been executed. Who has written a poem about Parkinson's disease and I don't think he's ever had Parkinson's disease so does poems are more welcomed than my poems about homeless guy in Palestine. What did I do wrong? So you think it's a pick and choose thing to such an extent and also I think that these people were in agendas against me some announcement would unsound is having awards on the ninth of February. Those will be happening at the pop. Iv Via ta one hundred grand kids in for free and it all starts at three thirty PM on the twenty second of February C. S. P. is having a Titians. This is one. Pm At the job of theater. The CASCA Volodya. While on the twenty third of February at Reception Kingston is having a show. This is the law show at seven years. They'll be moving venues in March. We'll keep you updated the starts at Twelve PM. We are dying years happening on the ninth of February as well at the job of theater at seven PM. It is written by people as each owners. Hope and the music is stunned by Papa. Makwetu PICKED OUT POETRY. Has Changed Location? There now puppies they. Nick show will be much. We will keep you updated. Morita. You in this guy's improve your kids black kids republic also up the new show cover me. I'm going in. Maria was the first video and the next one is coming out soon to stay tune. Or I guys for those of you. Who Don't know the boy is have tim. Yes how him in my local. I'm so you know you could call me a best of both worlds album. You know here. We're going to drop a few random facts about Germany. Okay and we'll see. Seventy percents of the puzzle mckinney. No under to Remember ranked number one. How many countries have German as the official language? Wow okay I think it might be the numbers. Let's get into Navien region man many countries that are l. Take short the darkness I think for. It's five. Sorry House One. One look already of truck on Mass WanNa should've taken this all right. What is the capital of Germany? Palin of all right how many different beers are the intermediate. Is it over one? Point five or one thousand five hundred. Is it over two hundred or is it over. Seven hundred must be over one point five because they serve because they'll fest your values it's a week. It's a week is a drink in your own right now memorial. How many states does Germany consist of dame low? You're not gonNA count throwing them. Betas ten sixteen. You can only get one more those truffles. The first printed book was German. I printed book was in German In the world truffle falls. It's true or next lot brand. What about letting? Listen Sir I rated what brand. What brand of call almost German taxis bins? Nope I'm okay. What is the punishment for attempting to escape jail? Y'All I don't I don't think it's death. I doubt if I doubt is bringing you back to jail because like defeating the I know you quitting this one. I don't know is no punishment because it is human instinct to train three lives. The world's narrow street is in Germany. Right okay how often is it at? Its narrowest in centimeters and narrow narrow narrow street when as a hundred. I think it's how you guessing one meter trying to get anything from me. One point five meters. It's thirty one centimeters and I had the thing in my Indian Indian meters. All Right Truffaut's the government can retake to be a baby names false. It's true they can retake to name. If it's weird in Germany all right and the last time the longest word is actually a German word and it is seventy nine letters long we are. GonNa have you trained pronounce this? Guy's name Jeff. Let's go to Jim and I will try leads gentlemen this thing now and I have to like bring out my accent of this. What do I know how I feel? You failed yourself. Not should've way between them. So I'm so I am going to. Jim GonNA throw you off GonNa through your became. Take this out of the punishment on behalf of testing through that one. All right guys we hitting into our first song of the day. This is given the illustrative massillon. Like I do enjoy ghosts and efficiency of changing people's expectations hope the way to fishing resting on my shoulders. Heavy burdens Begat for Nuffield. That quasimodo a child was pulled to remember that my bachelors and when it aches could be neighbor paints of giving. Because I've been hell bent on making my dream some and my distant. He's not a path that is inescapable. See the Pacific this has always been optional. Visits before we do you wish to succeed. I can tempted to say no but the thought of my watching makes me get up and go and buy the Jesus always embraces a product. The fear buffet that makes me too anxious to set my best. Hope Emma situational change and now forget. That failure has lessons to take the city. Frighten Away Home Navigate Mazes. Help me Cabbie the node. 'cause it's hard. My shoulders ache to walk out of city city. Not My way. Home navigate through dismays. Help Cabbie the node. 'cause it's hard shoulders as to the desert heaps of my insecurities incompetence investing with anxiety when looking at my neighbor. It's always competitive. Better life or manny.

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