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Was it? Was there anything she was wasted on? Sure. Well, I love Randy, always wanted to study ambulance, see, but here's the deal like I'm sure they said, what's your name? And she just answered with a good, fuck and yeah, whatever question they asked didn't hurt, but I wanna know what happened the p like, so they left they doing CPR. Okay. Well, first of all, Randy hit the nail on the head. And so did you because it goes, she says, Furthermore, crystalline would seem to think the whole thing wasn't her fault quote. Why did they leave it on. Locked. Okay. All right here. This is what I was wondering. When's it going to get to the dump this? Just like a wasted person like that. She blaming that person. She walked by with a kid. She was in charge of left the kid when she saw this is I'm all guest guest. Get you. You're on your own. Now there's just gonna check to see if they locked it or not list. They leave it unlocked. She asked bone break according to a probable cause, affidavit, filed officer, push through up in hope. She. Yeah. I mean, here's the thing in court. You can't argue against. Yes. Good. Take a good lesson for paramedics. Lock VM lock them because. Second, I keep I keep on locking and here's the one thing you're guaranteed in life. Here's the one thing we do know is that you know, you never know. You never know. That's thing. You know, is that you never know? Right? You never know. Always always lock. Wild episode began just before three thirty PM when emergency paramedics. Yeah, thirty after. That is daylight. I think when you see, but she is like in the cover of this thing. So if you see an ambulance driving fast, you get out, get out of the way. Like if I'm driving on the nameless fest, I don't know if it's somebody crazy who stole it. I just know like moved to the right. I think you generally assume that it's not somebody who's crazy. Settle. And now I'm kind of actually starting to sympathize a little bit. She's, she's not driving recklessly this the flashers around the sirens, right? Yes, she knows. People are going to move out of the way they don't know. Yeah, they don't know what the crazy. Oh, here comes in ambulance by the way, get out of the way so. So it drives you gotta get to the if you of all the cars to steal and then like go to a crowded streets. She did, like you said, pick the safest thing because by its very nature, it's gonna force people to go accent. She has all the ability right there. The tools, all her. She rammed the police car, whatever bone she hit bone-dry. She had bone like. Rambo break, and then she heard the thing stops. She gets out of the car, throws the keys at the cops and says, lock it next to you. Officer over has ever been seen without wearing sunglasses. No, even his wedding and his second wedding, what happens his? What happens if officer Bom break, ever has like one of the, you know, one of those things where you were, you hurt your dick and you break your boner. Then it's like double bone. Break breaks Bom break, big also know that Christie Lynn woods. Somebody in the previous twenty four hours while drinking their beer said to her, ain't never gonna steal. Don't have the balls to do sorry. What. Ever see. She was immediately out the door started komo's looking for an ambulance. Guts. She definitely got in the car while no one was talking to her and said, gonna. Tell me tell me heard it on the wild up so began just four, three thirty PM unlocked keys in it. Yeah. When emergency paramedics. I'm a little upset at the pyramid. He'll out there. CPR whose life is on the line..

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