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Biz talk, radio Our shaking it up a little bit here on the. Ray Lucia show glad to have. You on board we move onto the next topic that I had on, the list here and that is this one working longer. To fund retirement don't Bank on it A warning from MorningStar. So a brand new paper has come out for Morningstar's head of research, David Blanchett you've heard me talk about Mr. Blanchette in. The past smart guy Here's. What he says people tend to retire earlier than they had expected him because of this on certainty should be saving more if they plan. To retire after age sixty five now he's quoting from a Gallup survey. That basically notes that people on average retire about four years earlier than expected About. Forty eight percent of people he says retire earlier than expected based on a report from the employee benefit research institute I think just anecdotally that's true I know a lot of. People who are forced into a retirement situation earlier than expected some way earlier than expected many downsized at an. Opportune time remember those last four or five years could be the.

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