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It up I like to for a brief second I was like Oh. My Gosh is Memphis testing David. Is this the testing that we've been talking about all season? No Memphis genuine to the point. We get the handshake back, which is, of course, the gentleman's agreement we are going to shake hands. Like. MEMPHIS. Is just again. Doesn't tell them the plan I have other things in mind, but this is the deal take it or leave it. If you WANNA see at the big boy table. Has So. Business deal. That's a memphis has always said that's what he said when victim Kisha. So David has more to say. He's about to reply to all of this. We don't get this conversation. I like to imagine that he just chewed him out or tried to. MEMPHIS. Just like, Oh, I don't care and just tried to shoo him out but it would have been interesting to see that conversation speaking of business deals all of the conversations today we're sponsored by I assume emphasis restaurant Mogi House, which he's got a t shirt which he put conveniently on the couch where he had all of his. Conversation so framed perfectly memphis person he was talking to and in the middle is advertisement for his own company. So that is a businessman right there just and I mean talking about social gaming off him cody also, a very social player also bounced off of Memphis when he was talking to him, he's like, Hey man I'm GonNa be like you're you're like I'm going to help sponsor like sponsored by Polka House. And he was like. Trying to be like playful and social memphis is just like so our final two. And As I said, cody was like you're really not going to tell me your plan man and he was like Nah. But I'm being charming..

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