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You're listening to the and tj. Show podcast on the ace and tj family. If you want to sleep better and lose weight than the product that you need is called train or you can pronounce it cal train. That's a lot of fun very easy for you to get. Just go to ace. Tj dot com slash white loss as tj dot com slash weight loss for callan. When you gather around a shack aronie from papa. John's you're sharing more than pizza here. Sharing textbooks free meals and better basketball courts. That's because for every shack aronie so papa. John's donates one dollar to papa. John's foundation to share with charities like united negro college fund and the boys and girls club of america. It isn't just pizza. It's pizza with a purpose. Water an extra cheesy extra-large shak for thirteen dollars better ingredients. Better pizza papa. John's us only through ten twenty four twenty. One prices and participation may vary is is the as tj show regards. You made two attempts to write your song this week when i try to go too fast. It's never a good idea so you had to take a break. We're gonna take showers. Reach came back to it later. Fired up ready to go. That's right so this is a very special time between. This is when the week is reviewed for us the week that was pop culture the week. That was the ace and tj show. I'll reviewed for us in song. It's reagan's in that week in review would slower. Could i go board. He's banging into the wall guitar. Mike turned on you. Got your guitar. Mike on right works. Let's this is and the week in review and this is my song. It's called the week in review. It's a week's worth of shows. Summarize for you know special effects and no auto tune just me and my guitar performing for you. Halloween around the corner..

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