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Valent for stories like this and much more. Download the APP to watch new episodes of speed run every weekday and when it comes to coverage. Is there a type of technique alignment that you feel better with is are you more of a pressman guy? Altman guide you like playing you know encumbered three cover to. What's where's your bread and butter in your opinion. Be In Preston I like the pace Than just compete with them. Like right off the ball them having too much space. How about that? Rather just like make airtight right from the beginning. What I like to hear what I here. And that's obvious. Take it with your link with your physicality with your size. It's all there and then you kind of pair that with that athleticism. Have you always been that natural athlete? Growing up playing football or is that something you Kinda grew into later in your career so have always been like a natural athlete. I mean when I was literally while I was more fat but I'll still want them to cook. I'll play mostly like I'm out too big run a ball. Obviously but I've always been like a like a big guy and then I kinda got slimmer as I got older but Yeah I've always been pretty actually athletic and then just working. I work in like in the weight room. Health that M- it's rare to see a guy that's over six foot over two hundred pounds with your long arms and then also being able to run in the four fours and being able to jump thirty six inches one hundred thirty two inches on the broad job. Like you're you're testing at the combine was freaky when you compare it with your size and everything else that you bring to the table where those numbers that you hit the combine were those some of the better ones that you hit throughout the off season or did you hit some more even better numbers throughout your training. I saw Wah broad jump. I feel like that was my goal. The whole town. It'll and flip and I was always getting close to try ten eleven or like we had a little little Makalu Combine.

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