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Out. Maybe. In the rumble. And then for the women, we're still hoping for Liv Morgan. We are. We're still hoping, but we're probably crazy. Pop culture junkie, which one of you perverted bastards is the reason Scarlett put a stop to accepting requests from her only fans. All of us all three of us. I didn't even know it was up and running yet. It was and then she had to stop taking requests the first day because she got so many interesting. I guess she was offering like custom stuff. Yeah. Yeah. So who's the favorite on Vegas right now to win the rumble? I want to say Brock. Bless you, bless you. Bless you. Bless you. Not for today. Wow, okay. On the low end. Low end. Brock is three to one. Okay. And let's see. Second, does the article say it? Yes, there's a second. And if you say, second, I guess. Rollins? No. Not even the top 5. Xavier Woods? No. No, not I wish. The Rock. Kevin Owens. Really? So there you go. Owens and Lesnar's. But they don't know anything, right? They're just gonna put what the fans would vote on. They'd be in priests third. Okay. Oh, wow. Maybe at the chamber Seth wins it. And Owens wins the rumble and then turns back face. I don't know. I can see you there. Jake baker, push fire Barry worst promo this week. Theory and Vince, Becky live and Bianca or dewdrop. That's why we do awards, but they were all terrible. I mean, it's still Vince. Push Becky Liv. Barry dewdrop, fire vents. Well, I guess. I think it would be the reverse because we're pushing the worst promo, but whatever. Garrett, would you snoo snoo? Beth Phoenix with that hairdo? Sure. What's snooze Neil just fuck? Yeah, okay. You never watch a futurama? Yeah. Every episode. The Amazon episode? Maybe I missed that one. You should watch it tonight. Okay. Right away, Eric. Yeah. It's fucking great. If you can't remember it, you need to see. Okay, I'm sorry. Brandon Miller is just me or did Becky Lynch's makeup make her look a little weird for her that is, not for Joe. Yeah. He likes that shit. I like it. Jason dear, I'm Nikki Ashe. Why the fuck don't they just give her Nikki cross as the sanity gimmick back? Please. Brian Ripley would be a badass team. PS have you guys heard that veer is coming? Well, not anymore. Yeah. Stop coming. Stop coming. I'm gonna be like if you stop coming for a week and then you try to come again the next week. I know. Is that tough? Yeah. It is, I guess. I think you come harder if you wait a week, right? Maybe? I think so. Yeah. Yeah. I've heard. Matt coming soon to come harder. I feel like they got rid of Nikki cross because they're doing carrying cross. Oh, maybe. You know? So now he's gone. Just change your back. Yeah. She's like, I can't do anything with this superhero bullshit, sure. You should be like aw and have four pages on one show. Oh, yeah, right. This question is from madam. Let's dig into the annals. Not the Nia Jax hole kind. Of time and travel back to January 4th, 1999, Tony shivani spoils Mick Foley winning his first ever championship and Hulk Hogan uses the finger poke of doom against Kevin Nash. Push fire Barry on who is the bigger dipshit in this nitro episode mess. Tony schiavone, Hulk Hogan, Eric Bischoff, Antonio Brown. Antonio Brown. The NFL player. I mean, it's very fish off. He runs the show. Yeah. And then hulk, well, no, it's all Cogan. Yeah, and then Hulk Hogan. Always kill Hogan. Always kill Hogan. Shivani was just following orders. Stephen Stafford, well, it's that time of year again where every wrestler cuts a promo about them tossing 29 other wrestlers over the top row. Here we go. Do you think we will ever see one person eliminate 29 others in a Royal Rumble? Never. No. If Brock didn't do it two years ago, no. 11 or 12 that year? He was up there. Yeah. No one would ever eliminate every time. Did break the record that year for most in a match? I don't think so. He got up to like 11 or 12. It did rains have the record up until then. Reigns with 12, something like that. So it must have been 12, I don't know. It was the first 12. Right. Anthony Anderson, do we think that Brock and lastly were both supposed to win at day one and we had the Lashley went on raw because Brock was promised the title at the pay per view, I bet reigns was supposed to drop the title. When people say like Brock was promised a title practice doesn't care no. You think Brock's like Vince you promised me a title. Rob once again paid. Yeah, that's all. And that's how most like, you know, like, I don't know. Titles don't mean anything. It's a prop. Exactly. So it is. Like, titles might mean something to people who haven't won any yet or maybe in a while, but Brock wins the title of the fucking time. Yeah. He just expects it, you know? Yeah. I don't think he gets upset about that. Brock Levine is 13, so I think that's the record. Okay. Scott will it be Goldberg beats Brock and then Kevin Owens beats Goldberg no. You could hope. I don't even want Goldberg to be the champion for that to even happen. Yeah. Like Goldberg wins the belt so Kevin Owens beats him for the belt. No. Yeah, I'd be happy, but I wouldn't want Goldberg to even be the champion. Right, exactly. Fuck that. Oh God, please no. That is all for a fan question. So, make sure you subscribe to our podcast, give us a 5 star review. Check out our official website. What's wrong with wrestling dot com? Like Deshawn Facebook, follow it on Twitter and Instagram at wrong wrestling, get a T-shirt at pro wrestling tees dot com slash what's wrong with wrestling, become a supporter of the show at Patreon dot com slash what's wrong with the wrestling $5 a month gets you everything day one recap, Royal Rumble recap coming in a few weeks and countless bonus episodes like brackets and all that good stuff. So many fun things. 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