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The story out rodeo uh uh just moments ago that steve bartman and i was born chicago steve bartman who screwed up the two thousand three all i don't buy that national league championship series every baseball family and exact borders cargo cubs and if you remember he's the guy that interfered with the out feeler i think it was more salou when he tried to catch the foul ball the eighth inning is chicago's wedding and then they would go on to lose okay he's since that time has gone into exile chicago look who's got death threats every day of his life in the thing is if if if you haven't spent a lot of time in chicago you're either a white sox fan or you're a cubs fan and the white sox fans loved him they absolutely love him cubs fans hate him and can't stand him and as a result of that item did you ever see that espn thrive theory on that in what what this is done do lie absolutely destroy this code industryresearch don here is pera headphones on his list thing to the game he sitting in the seat right next to the field and a pop fly comes up every fan in every ballpark in every game in america you're going to reach up in trying to catch that foul ball every instinct urine sick as a baseball fan you want the foul ball he i don't think that he realized that the ball was technically still in plagues he's on the very first seat next to the fence you reach up and you try to get that ball and they in and it was his fault of the cubs lost that game y'all while the cubs have just done something to try to stop the.

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