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I met Robert and I just he's got a really great background perspective on different things and I just like, what do you think of these tracks then are these just kind of like the last tracks and look at it these worthwhile and investing and he's like, I think he got something here. I mean, he's like, you know what's different about these there's a story here and he's like, there's uh isn't like one song or a single like most people would move towards but there's a body of work and off. Really inspired me because I'd always heard before, you know, I got a lot of comments in different things that my music was always reminded people of movie soundtracks and I really need I really related to that. I always felt like a cinematic approach more as opposed to a pop structure. Although I could get some of those elements but that was like my natural thing. So I was like, let's do this. So I just walk around that time. I didn't let him know but I had started experimenting with the visual aspects of the stories aspects of of the tracks and so it really I remember walking around different parts of Miami different beaches and I would just go at night and I would listen to these tracks and I just was like, what is what is this song title to this track? What is the emotions of this song title and it started from there and then I went into creating, you know, the story of the tracks just the description of them dead. And that really set the foundational bed for the for the visuals, you know, and then the visuals had a direction and it came together really amazing because I had no idea how from start to finish it would tell its own story because they were all done individually. I didn't even plan to put them together. I thought it was just I'm just going to make some videos for some tracks. Maybe, you know, maybe that's how long had a combined but then it it turned into this DJ Mix and you know the tale of the crying wolf. I I don't remember some of the initial comment like the actual verbatim words that we that we decided and used collaborated on but it just it's really been this this exploration of emotions change and the journeys of life in the sense of you know, just waking up to the obstacles and challenges and and you know, there's roles in our life. Sometimes there's you know things that off. I can try plus maybe it's habits. Maybe it's other people and just you know, how how can we break through that? You know, how can how can can I overcome the obstacles and music was my outlet for that and and telling a story and I really looked at it as like, you know what there's gotta be some kind of story or something that people can connect with because this isn't about me anymore. I'm going to be making music for the rest of my life. Like how can I connect with other people and with the music and thing that really, you know in the past I think they're really inspired me was in the past a lot of the music like The Beatles and some of the classics they told stories where you could listen to it and hear differently every time and a lot of the pop music today. It's like even song writers teach them know you want to know exactly what this song is about like there's no guesswork. Here's the hook in here twenty million times. So every time I hear that song, it's not really going to be different. It's going to be the same..

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