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77 w A. B. C Oh, great man. Really Nice to talk to you. I just really wanted a report that one of the phone calls you had. Where did basically really disparaged the President? United States Just gotta act. This guy who he's off. Is that what they think about those ballots or pulled out from under a table? How come nobody has ever pushed the fact when Trump should have put that on that call why the world is not felt below fact that they shut down that voting poll area and pull those balance out. I don't understand what happened to those people that did it. Anybody else would have been arrested. I don't get it. Why were they not properly counted with supervision? That alone should warrant a huge investigation across the board. Anyway? That's what I want to tell you. And I and I thank you for the call. Let's now go. This is Dominic Carter here with you on talk radio 77. W A. B. C. I'll be here all week long. Let's go toe. Mike Mike is calling from New York City. Good evening, Mike. What's on your mind? How you doing, Dominic? I'm doing well, I hope you're doing the same. Thank God I am. Yeah, This was nothing but entrapment and, uh, President Trump should him right where it hurts in a pocket. So I just want to say one thing if I may. You remember Ross Supreme Court Colucci, the Italian Supreme Court judge that was found with a pillowcase always face. I recall the situation. Go ahead. Yeah, well, I hate to say, but I think there was some foul play there. But if Democrats Okay, and I think president structure do an executive water to investigate that man stepped in. Because you're so could be screaming for justice. Right? Okay. But right now we're talking about Thank you for the court. We didn't mean to cut you off. Right now. We're talking about what happened. And that telephone call that our long telephone call between the president of the United States and the secretary of state in Georgia. Let's go to Christine. In Manhattan. Good evening. You're on talk radio 77 w A. B. C Hi, Dominick. Thank you for taking my call. Thank you. Trump supporter. OK, And I think that the telephone call that we're talking about. I'm keeping my eye on the ball is nothing different from what they've tried to do to this president since the day he was elected. It's lies. It's slander. It's insulting. He was. We're on the brink of losing our republic, but but, you know, Christine, but at some point We in the media, You have to be fair that this is not fair. It's not right. If you want to say if you want to say it was a boneheaded move to make the call. I can agree with that. If you want to say it was George dropping, I can agree with that. But to say criminal, I know I'm saying that but to say criminal activity from the president based on the hour long called that I heard It wasn't any criminal activity, and it's never been any criminal activity on his part. He's trying to save the republic. You're absolutely right about the phone call. The phone call was just one more in a Syriza's attacks they made on this man, and what's going on in the United States of America today is tantamount to what happened in China. During the Cultural Revolution. Well, I I thank you for the telephone call. This is Dominic Carter. Here on talk radio. 77. W A B C When we come back, President Trump is still speaking, Uh, live as we are on the air in the state of Georgia. We're going to talk about those runoff elections and I will tell you based on what I'm seeing. Why I believe that the Democrats have a strong edge and may actually win each of those contest. W A. B C traffic in transit. An accident on the Jackie Robinson Parkway. Good evening Way time. Steve Reggie TALK RADIO 77 w A. B C West and Jackie Robinson, right by Metropolitan Avenue. You have a crash there in Queens. Delays is you come out of the Kew Gardens Interchange Hudson River crossings. They're good. No problems to W. Lincoln or Holland tunnels. West General 22 Hillside, New Jersey. There's an accident at Cornell Place just before you get to the Garden State Parkway. And Interstate 80 going west Grand exit. 30 and Warden cleaning up a fender bender there. Alternate side parking rules are in effect. I'm Steve. Reggie. Talk radio 77 w A B C. It's Brian Kilmeade here to tell you what my buddy Arthur Lee invented life.

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