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I mean sixty three dollars a marker burn the airport down over it by yeah it's it's just like it just seems that but when they postponed a flight and it totally closures your window to travel you ought to get something back he ought to get something back will you well you will are you a virgin member mohammed to elevate member do okay you you'll probably get a creditor something they usually give you a little something bomb going to mali a is a vital one time i flew in the satellite tv was out and he gave me like a 25 don credit the next day is that right that is true well well this is we're sorry for the inconvenience and they gave me a twenty five dollar but they put my bank at yukon complained about the satellite did not do you did not all they just automatically did they just did it for all passengers on the flight yeah i'm sorry i'm sorry virgin is selling obvious sat their fault that the smoker and i just read that the fires were getting dampened by the rain last night so i thought oh this is good so when he was owen while i'm going to go tonight i got up there after the show i'm going to be bad i gotta go bomb fine oakland now always give it a cloud will move they got the flow collateral now i'm hope the wind doesn't change directions there oh god oakland and of course you know i call my wife and what is every wife say he goes well i told you should have done very early in the morning i love it that's the best talent zach me where you're intelligence now i told them want to rule is good first fly down is usually the best to avoid the speech i just got scary though you could be my wife very good on that she's right on the and then she goes i take a seven a m flight 'cause i know after that mandates you never know what's going to happen it gets crazy and then she doubled down on it later she goes you should come with me last night as saying all right i know i'm unaware reserve my fault all right well.

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