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That can grow we so far. We've grown enough cells to treat the entire planets so we can then go to clinical trials. It's the same drug for for all parts of the trial and once it gets approved. It's the same drugs. There's no difference between them. The agency called the heterogenous. They have a drug. That's not exactly the same so with what's this with one of these cell lines which were were testing a lot right now. One I'm these sellers will be up to go from you. Know clinical trial all the way to therapeutics with it. And so that's my goal in the next five years is to you're GONNA have to get a product approved in the US and get a lot wider low broader use And I don't plan on writing another book now. I do plan on Updating the rising tide with new stuff here in another couple years okay very cool. Yeah I'M GONNA drop a link to the rising retired and the and the description of today's podcast episode. I think it would be beneficial to all parents and just tax the link and then pick it up and read last thing. I WanNa hit you with your doctor. Ask all the data on the PODCAST. What type of advice do you happen that new dad or for not about to be father? WHO's out there listening? Just get ready Buddy Well I don't know I think I probably biggest advice is to go with the flow because if it's the overthinking it's that that got me in trouble trying to over think something so Go with the flow and and and And hopefully your wife breastfeeds because man. That's the best thing a father can have right there that gift. Yeah all right well said my mom was a big Breast cancer not breastfeeding she. She literally wrote the book on Human Lactation. It's called human lactation by Jan Weird and so we were breastfeeding family and and thankfully my wife was breastfeed her That's your that's your health out but It just go with the flow and and enjoy it. I love the message. He's been an honor for me. I gotta say Dr Neil Reardon. You are firstly his father all the way. Thank you so much time on first-class Fatherhood Alex real appreciate it. Take care back to wrap things up here on. I gotTA give a special. Thank you once again to Dr Neil reardon for giving me a few minutes of his time here was such an honor police at me up on twitter guys or dropping it on.

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