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For those that really follow the League. A few of them were heartbreaking. My really heartbreaking losses. There's Alana's Yes la but when you get wax podcast of Morse you have to own up to it. It's GonNa be interesting to see what happens with these next ten games. That's where this season is going to be built for the Knicks. This level of character that they're going to need to show to try to turn around their season so one day I will say positive about the next day easy Knicks Fan. What mills and Perry did when they constructed? This team is a lot of one year deals loud one year deals. So do you have season like this. And it doesn't work out all that money comes off the books and I know it's not the the best free agent class released remix the roster and have another go at it next year. This does not feel feel like a playoff run is coming in. MSG moving on Jaanus. Did something weird after missing a free throw. He moved into a hit. The brakes I did hit the brakes. Okay let's just take a look at jaanus frustrations. He's real focused on that. You can tell missed it okay. Ah Let's try it again. You should can make it a little correction the second one better. That was an air ball so then he buys his Jersey rips a little bit and kicks a hole in the thunder. Sign that Jay. Look at that. What do you think about your reaction to struggle from the free throw line? Well he go get a pink slip for sure from the League he gonNa pay for that that Okay See Sanity Eh. Cost data cost them. Ten thousand As a related Hulk Hogan version of Jersey I just appreciate his intensity he continues to score thirty.

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