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Read only one book about what ails large segments of contemporary black America this should be the one on the cover of the book is a blurb from Dennis Miller whom I also admire greatly he says this guy is doing god's work I don't even know if Dennis Miller believes in god but I find that I agree with what he is saying Jesse Lee Peterson you are your fire brand you're not afraid to to call it like you see it have you been doing this for for quite awhile or is this a new development in your life I mean you had to pick any thirty years ago but at what point did you begin speaking publicly and having a radio program and so on and so forth now twenty nine years ago because once I was god caused me to wake up he allowed me to see what was really going on so I started a nonprofit organization called bond the brotherhood organization of a new destiny and for twenty years we have been rebuilding the family by rebuilding the man we are we tutor we counsel we have all hold for young men we started out hi to put new academy what we're teaching young men all men how to start businesses and we do it all races of men no wanted excluded and because his spirits are not color I started a credit union so that I can loan you got the money to start a business and they pay about was small interest and it's just been amazing to see guys go and forgive their mothers and returned to their fathers and that anger is taken away from them by god and live they just bring up life is full of life because god is in us the kingdom of heaven is within so we've been doing this for twenty nine years now and come next February to twenty nineteen if the lord as well and and the creek don't rise it would be thirty years hi I wanted to ask you as a bed and a full can check us out at rebuilding demand dot com yeah well and I want to I want to ask you rebuilding the man dot com.

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