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I love the honeymooners and I love the Jackie Gleason show. And when I was actually climbed the fence and BS my way onto the set of smoking the bandit on spend a day with Jackie Gleason what? Yeah. Yup. I spent. I was sixteen years old. I spent the day with Jackie Gleason. There was a kid beside him with a red. Was it radio flier with a keg in it? And Jackie would just he would be talking about stuff because I'm from mount Kisco, and I think Jackie was from like, scarsdale, we're both from Westchester county. So we had that in common and he just would hold the whole the mug out the kid would feel fill the mug up and he just, yeah, it was. On the set of spoke in the bed? Yes. And I'm in the very end of it. If if the very end credits when they they freeze frame, Sally says, go no hard feelings, junior, and then the car runs off in the the Cadillac comes up. They freeze frame a tire hits this big goofy looking kid with a cowboy hat in the shins and that's me at the end. So I'm actually in it until the the whole credit roll. But I got a free lunch. Yeah. Thank you. Thank you. I love that. All right. Before we go, you wanna you wanna. Give me your golfing mount. Rushmore tiger said it was snee-. See I. My theory is that this whole time tiger has sucked that what he's been doing. He's been putting balls in the water intentionally. He's been aiming for the lily pad. So actually what he's been doing is he's been playing the best golf he's ever played, but dope. Is that what you're saying? Yeah. Well, well. You can't. You cannot stage a comeback unless you've gone away. So he stays a comeback. He was very, he was very unusual. Tiger was he was so humble the other day and he should have waited a month or so. Somebody else should have said that that's he should not have said that that is the most tin foil sports take. I've heard in quite some time. I'm not sure what that means in for the conspiracy theorist right there, like a tin foil on it would be like, like Elway not being able to throw unless you cut his arm off than you can't throw a football. So what's your, who's your mount Rushmore, John Schneider, you're golfing mount Rushmore if you had to put four golfers up? Oh, well, I put him in there. I just wouldn't. I wouldn't have put me in there if I were him because people were just talking about this is an entirely different. Tiger Woods. He so appreciative. He's so friendly. He so thankful. He's so humble, he's a change man. He just he just, he just threw that out with both hands. He did. He did, and he didn't even grin after it. Oh yeah. Yeah, because he. Beyond question, he deserves to be there. Absolutely. With who, but you do not do not when you win the humility award and you do not wear it. Love that. Right. That's a great one. Sit still released on October second. Yes, John Schneider studios dot com. Or John Schneider studios on Facebook Alicia and I, we make movies, we made seven films since we met, we've released to will will release six sixty two songs this year for Guinness Book of world records, and they're all great. They're all singles each and everyone. I'm so John Schneider studios dot com that I said yet, John Schneider studios dot com. Well done, John underscores Schneider and dancing and dancing with the stars season premiere by the two hour,.

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