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Corner jim bolla i am tyler bischoff jesse grainger is gonna join us later in the show of the las vegas sun will yell at him about some gold nights stuff i think he is playing hockey i think we're getting them like between games game or after al no because when i asked him to come on he was like i gotta check my hockey so yeah we'll get another goal yes old ranger roller hockey exploits tonight rated on the show actually gonna start with lv and when i was a journalism school gym one of the first thing they teach you like what makes news and one of the important things about what makes something news as timeliness newsworthiness yeah i'm going to violate that today because i'm going back to april because i just saw something yesterday okay no it was back in april lynn jessop yes wrote a letter to i guess just kind of everybody i guess is supposed to be to like unlv it was just sort of everybody and this was during the whole lynn jessop getting fired and he's getting a new job in the region paid him and the chancellor hates him and all that fun stuff he wrote this letter back in april sort of addressing it and there was one key detail in there that i must have completely missed at the time but for some reason i saw that letter again today or yesterday read a little bit of it was like oh interesting and here's what it is this is all in regards to unlv joining a power five conference yes one of the key tenants of that that lynn jessop has been pushing for is unlv needs to be a tier one research university well we've heard that from lynn jessop whoever was before him remers before him and when i was going to even when i was here with dr harder so over they tear for back then i know most power five schools are tier one not oliver them but most are i think the entire pack twelve is yeah i think the pac twelve is because i think that's one of the things that they've been able to ward off unlv with this whole to say away from us you and your qualify so it's an important aspect of it to get into a power conference because your academics have to be at a two because the school see that as we're not just bring you on a play football we're bringing you because you're a institution you're an academic institution just like we are from lynn jessop slatter he said the plan was to be a tier one research university by twenty twenty five okay so that is seven years from now is the window for unlv to join a power five conference going to be gone in seven years you know we keep hearing that there's going to be one more shakeup with the conferences you know ban doesn't it feel like that's going to happen and the next seven years like it's going to happen but the be a tier one no that if unlv's waiting till twenty twentyfive before they are tier one that conference relying happen yeah so it happened before that yeah it's going to happen before and if unlv has to be here one to get into a power conference they're going to be on the outside looking in so that was the detail that that jumped into my head because i was like twenty twenty five i mean the the power conferences might just split off from the rest of the the big twelve might not exist in twenty twenty five inches might fold by then right like so i just thought that was a like i thought it was w tier one research university in like two years and then they'll be have a they'll have a stadium and a practice facility for football tier one and they'll be here's our push to be power five but apparently it's not the plan is not until twenty twentyfive there'll be a new president taking over sometime so maybe that plan changes but that's sort of the timeline working with now there is one thing that could help unlv a lot in this regard if it takes them seven more years to be a tier one research university the thing that helps is tv deals the.

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