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In this region who are thinking about making that dangerous track to the United States Mexico border Do not come. President Biden also making his first foreign trip later this week and ahead of that trip, which involves a visit with Vladimir Putin, he's reiterating his support of Ukraine's territorial integrity. President Biden invited Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky to the White House later this summer during a phone call ahead of President Biden's first foreign trip later this week. They were able to talk about basically every significant aspect of the relationship, including with respect to, uh the U. S is support for Ukraine's security. National security Advisor Jake Sullivan says President Biden told Zelinsky he will stand up firmly for Ukraine's sovereignty and territorial integrity. Zelinsky has raised concerns about next week's summit with President Biden and Russian President Vladimir Putin. At the White House. Jared Halpern Fox NEWS Dr Anthony Fauci, getting reassurance from President Biden about his job status. While more evidence points to the coronavirus potentially leaking from a lab. Here's Fox's Peter Doocy. Fauci has repeatedly demonstrated a history of moving goalposts when it comes to public health, withholding facts that don't conform with his own narrative and issuing inappropriate personal judgments that distort the truth. But for now, Fauci his job is safe Couches inbox early in the pandemic contained word that it's possible. Covid 19 was not natural but engineered, although experts don't think that means Fauci had bad intentions to experts, now right in the Wall Street Journal, the scientific evidence points to the conclusion that the virus was developed in a laboratory. But the Chinese are withholding critical data from the World Health Organization. While many health experts at the beginning of the pandemic claimed that the coronavirus came via Natural transmission. Florida Governor Ron de Santis is filing a lawsuit against the CDC over vaccine regulations for ports in Florida Foxes Phil Keating reports from the port of Miami Royal Caribbean headquarters in Port Miami, reversed.

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