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She did yeah it was brooks direct you get a a lot lot of of those those i was in i was in i was stuck in a kind of a rut with writing my trolls which took twenty years to right it turn around myself who's in minne turnaround as a side project i mean had this story because gonna rattling around this was to wait there's a story in this movie we call to be fair finglas came out of aborted subplots for your trolls right this like my off limb and then it turned into its own troll me trouble originally the villain was taylor oni she isn't the villain with she was to eight ning for the troll to move to exactly i guess today you of course know him best from kim team the widowmaker that's right vanilla sky the water leading the water i was gonna say richard that's sort of like late nineties early two thousands that's that's a saving private ryan ryan that's like the zone you're in i like it always gravitate right to that yet me as a teenager or in college that's where we're at host a little gold man podcast writes for vanity fair and is now a published novelist at the time this upsets coming out the top of the charts richer richard lawson the great richard lawson is here with us today ola got that so i just searched for spangler in the mpaa and i got no.

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