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Now, it's time for our weekly recommendation. When we give you a suggestion of something to take your mind off of politics Ross this week is your turn. What do you have for us? All right. So this is a little embarrassing, but I'm gonna do it. Anyway, so many many episodes ago, David you recommended seltzer. I did indeed and I- enthusiastically seconded it I'm a seltzer drinker from like the age of seven, but one of the cells, I drink is the most like Bobo yuppie form of seltzer imaginable. It's called spin drift. And I think they now sell it in Starbucks. So it's sort of like gone, it's gone big. It's gone national. But it's still like this ridiculous boutique kind of seltzer and I'm recommending it mostly because one of the stores where we shop at stopped stocking it, and I started buying some of the other fruit flavored seltzer so spin drift is like, you know, it's selling a hint of lemon. A twist of orange a touch of raspberry of real fruit flavor, and I would drink it. And I would think well, this is good. But you know, I mean real everybody's selling real fruit flavor. I hadn't drunk fruit flavored seltzer from other brands for awhile. And I've been doing it for the last couple of weeks, and they're terrible. They all taste horribly artificial, and whatever magic spin drift works really does taste like real fruit compared to like all not just like the stop and shop alternatives. But like the Perry bought the Perrier fruit flavored seltzer, and it's awful spin drift is amazing. It's a great achievement. So within the world of seltzer obsessive I'm recommending spin drift, including to whoever decided to stop stocking it at the elm city market in New Haven. So I have to admit I'm against flavored seltzer personally. Yes. But I'm in favor of it as a societal phenomenon because most people for flavored seltzer unflavored, and that means that the rise of flavored salt seltzer has caused seltzer to be available in many more stores. So I can more often find my beloved seltzer. But I will always choose an unflavoured over a flavored my personal favorite is Boylan. Because of how bubbly it is. So to me, it's not about the flavor. It is about the carbonation. And I like a lot of it. Michelle have you tried spin drift? Now, I'm not a seltzer aficionado. I mean, I drink it because my kids drink a ton of it, and they call it bubble water. And sometimes when I'm like, really adult I will order bubble water in a restaurant, and then feel ridiculous, David. I just want. You get a spin drift and get the same flavor from LaCroix or wherever and just drink them together. I'm not trying to convert you to spend drift. I. Want to know that I'm not crazy 'cause I might be crazy want me to experience. The I want you to tell me right about the difference. And we can we can reconvene in a future episode and discuss I will do it as a blind taste test. And I will let you know, which I prefer fantastic that's our show for this week. Thank you for listening. We would love to hear your feedback. If you have thoughts leave us a voicemail at three four seven nine one five four three two four that's three four seven nine one five four three two four. You can also Email us at argument at NY times dot com, and please leave us a rating or review in apple podcasts. This week show is produced by Alex Laughlin for transmitter media and edited by lacy Roberts. Our executive producer is Greco. We had help from Tyson. Evans, Phoebe Yoon Persad, Philbrick and Francis Ying special. Thanks to Kaiser health news for use of their studio in Washington. Our theme was composed by Alison Layton. We'll see you right back here. Next week. A flavor that you like in particular. Yeah. Is that private? It's just also embarrassing. My my favorite flavor is grapefruit.

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