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Out this is part two of my discussion about my last book your father dear son to live eight hours if you're just now joining us real quickly my father and I had a a nonexistent relationship despite the fact that he was around all the time it was like he abandoned the family was an alcoholic who didn't pay the bills who cheated on my mom nothing like that we just thought of him we meaning my brothers and me thought him is just a mean older and frankly I didn't understand why even had kids I remember promising myself that when I got big enough strong enough I'm gonna kick his **** and literally I would would think about that all the time when I would be big enough and strong enough to keep his but when my dad got to be about nine ninety two years old we have long since reconciled and I told him I think I can probably take you now he said I doubt it in any case my dad and I finally had a long discussion when I was twenty five years old after not talking to him for almost ten years it discussion that I soon would last maybe ten minutes it ended up lasting eight hours that's the subtitle of the book your father dear son to live eight hours so after we got out of the way all the the the antagonism ahead towards my dad and if the flame his life is very difficult life to me we didn't start talking about our lives and one of the things he asked me or told me was that I was not a troublemaker the way my younger brother was in since my dad and I were so candid during this very long conversation I told him no I actually I was quite a trouble maker unlike my little brother I was just more clever and not getting caught he didn't believe me so I told him some of the things that I had pulled off in the last US done I told him was a time of my friend and I threw a brick through the window of some kid in the neighborhood because the kid in the neighborhood had offended us turned out was a white kid in the neighborhood now the neighborhood where I live in south central after living in in near the Pico union area of LA for seven years we moved to south central in nineteen fifty nine I was seven years old at the time and we were the second black family on the block within less than ten years virtually all the white people had moved out and one white kid still was in the neighborhood it was his house that drive through the window through the brick of the window on Sunday night when they were watching bonanza I know they're watching bonanza because my friend and I sneaked up to the window to see what they were doing before we threw the brick and my dad was appalled by that story and I'm appalled by when I think about it was a stupid nasty vicious thing to have done someone could have been very severely hurt fortunately nobody was but I began telling him other things that I had done I told about the time that mom had a rental car and because it was a rental car I was able to drive it in a much more let's say reckless way than I would have to fit in a car that we own and I took the rental car to the high school where I went to high school Crenshaw high school the scene of the movie boys in the hood we open the gate and put the drove the car on the field the baseball field and I drove the car too what was that with home plate and acted as if I hit the ball and I got in the car and went to first base and then rounded first base and rounded second base and rounded third and drove the car and home base and slammed the brakes and slit and we laughed and laughed and laughed off with a buddy of mine and I decided that I would drive the car over the pitcher's mound and I drove the car so fast over the pitcher's mound it got stuck and so it's like a turtle elevated where the feet or not touching the ground the car was elevated right in the middle of the pitchers mound and the tires were not touching the ground and I would done and gone and gone and the wheels with spend but the car would not move because he was literally stuck on this mound whole leave believe my friend and I thought this is a Sunday night in a few hours you would be Monday and this car be sitting there on the pitcher's mound unable to move into we got out we rocked the car rocked the car rocked the car and try to get at least one of the wheels the touch the dirt and finally one did we able to blast off the mound but for a moment there my life flashed in front of me if I imagine a bunch of school officials are coming up there and figure out whose car this was and then busting me for going on to the field and take in the car and running around the bases and then charging over the pitcher's mound and having the car gets stuck my dad just just shook his head and I said and and then that's when my dad said well lease you haven't didn't nobody got shot and I said dad I can't believe you said that and my dad sort of put his hands on his head and said please don't tell me a story about somebody getting shot and I said well I have one that's close to it in this okay tell me about it well there was a kid in our neighborhood is tough guy and I was a very good gin rummy card player and this guy fancies himself as a good gin rummy card player but it wasn't nearly as good as I us we play for money and I ended up over the course of a couple of hours just just betting nickels and dimes winning almost five dollars from him which was an enormous amount of money I in those days.

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