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Then returning a positive test a few days after being here. It was a very strange aspect, though off the press conference yesterday, where you heard from the Health Minister, Martin Folly and also, of course from our chief health officer, Brett Sutton, who was speaking and answering questions about How that would then going to go about testing and isolating all those people who he may have come into contact with. And what we were told was that it wasn't necessary. It wasn't important to follow up the passengers who were on that may for flight and Victorian chief health officer Brits, Sutton said Passengers on that may fall flight do not have to isolate this is his quote. The flight is unlikely to be something to chase up. The fourth is not a day that we expect him to be infectious. Says professor certain but with variants of concern and the evolution of the virus all the time. We have to be alive to the possibility. This struck me and others who I spoke to, and also talk on social media and some analysts as well as rather strange given everything with loans and this Somewhat hesitant response that we have in the early days to these matters. Now it's quite true. You might not end up with any fiction spread on board the flight, but for the sake of being prudent Why would you not? Identify the flight. Where would you not tell those people who are on board? Why would you not encourage them to get a test and isolate What would it cost you to do this? What problem would it cause by actually putting that into the mix and just that extra special. Care that extra level of caution and care in getting the people on board the flight tested. This is exactly what happened with the flight. Remember from W way because they're locked down. Initially. No, no, no. We don't need to chase up the flight. And then Lo and behold, what happened? Those on board the flight did Well, Darryl was on board the flight from Adelaide to mobile with the infected passenger. But how does Darryl No. Because last night at half past eight, he got a text from the Department of Health. Telling him to do exactly what everyone logically yesterday afternoon thought might be a prudent thing to do. Darryl. Good to check to you. Good morning. How are you? I'm well, Thank you. So when did you find out that you were on board the flight from Adelaide to Melbourne with that infected passenger? Yeah. Takes 7 30 actually. What was the need that although the forward but that believers infectious but they explode possible opportunities so I should be conservatively the baking away. All right now, Of course, you could have been told that yesterday afternoon when it was publicly announced that people on board that flight did not have to isolate. Yeah. Thank the L could've blissfully unaware of tours. Got the text of the when I was at the movies last night. Excellent. So I, uh, organized E didn't bring Theeighties last night. Uh, who, uh, accidental isolation. A day brought bagels slide, which I failed Court crossing actual, So they said to the You don't need to isolate. Yes, Correct. That was last night. I'd discuss it with my wife about decided there are slight anyway. Uh and I've already booked the test days didn't advise And they are short, like, um Million or spoke to writing this morning from our health. It just doesn't follow. Logically, does it? No good because everybody else who's asked to take a test. If I get symptoms today and I go and get a taste, I must to isolate. Yes. So what's surprising, but I was on the floor by twin brother So we spoke about it this morning, and he's also decided Also others well. Uh, job just be cautious and conservative. This is look at that. And I don't raise Thies sterile And I'm not raising this this morning to needlessly beat up on the department, which you know has been doing an extraordinary job in incredible times, and they've learned lots along the way. This is what always just causes me to want to bang my head against the wall. It's almost as if we don't learn from the last one. Why would you? Not immediately the moment you learned that this person had been on a plane and flying over here and then had tested positive after being in hotel quarantine? Why wouldn't you immediately contact everyone on board and just out of what's the phrase they use an abundance of caution. Let it go. Untested in isolated. I don't That doesn't make sense to me. Does it make sense to you know, I actually can explain and And, uh, yeah, As I said in the text that I believe using sections on the floor, but I think, um, he's left at Allied. Uh, after 14 days, he's I think the fight was four. Ft. Become infectious on the You got symptoms on the ice. I think it should be cautious and government courses for at eight months. There don't understand it, but I'll just follow what I think's part of Parliament also had to buy it until I get pissed and get the results back. I have no doubt that your test will be negative. I'm sure that there's a minimal, minimal chance. But I guess it's just the change in plan that Yesterday afternoon. We're told No, no need to do that. And then whoopsie all of a sudden at 7 30 last night, someone thinks are you might as well It's probably not a bad idea, and it's probably not a bad idea. Daryl really good to talk to you. And thanks for sharing your story with us. All right. Thanks, Virginia, please. Thesis on text. I just came in on the V line from Bendigo 100% masks changed to the Metro City, Luke train it Footscray 50% masks If that quite surprising, says Michael And this on Texas. Well, hi, VT. Of course, they're right. Stop scaremongering. He assisted negative the day before flying so he won't be contagious on the plane. Plus, most most are wearing masks is stiff in Oban. Absolutely true. That's the logic of it. So they want. Send out the message Last night at 7 37 get tested. See what I mean. It's not scaremongering. What drives me and others nuts is, I guess wanting to see some consistency and consistent prudence in the system. If that's the logic that there's absolutely no way that he might have bean infectious, then sure dentist But that's not actually what Britt something was saying yesterday. Phrase he used was unlikely. It's the fight is unlikely to be something to chase. But then he went on. But with variants of concern and the evolution of the virus all the time, we have to be alive to the possibility. And if you're alive to the possibility Well, I guess you get everyone tested, which they're clearly doing now it's good to see All right. Lots of calls coming in this morning suggestions off questions for the treasure up this morning. Just frightened bird will be joining me it around about 10 minutes to should the timing worked out. Gary's called in from Korea. Hi, Gary. Oh, Good morning, Virginia. Look, wine Swan tried to introduce the resource is tax all would like to ask the treasurer? How much money have we missed out on since we didn't take that up? Considering that the reef that it's $220 Aton at cost and $30 to produce that with the money going Yeah, Look, I mean, that's what many people have said have have actually pointed out. I think I could. I could dig through the figures and find out what the predictions were off what we would have made so far if we'd actually had that resources Texan place. So, yes, it's a It's an absolutely fair observation roles in noble Park. What struck you out of the budget? What struck me. Virginia was an artist in every year wants that there wasn't any consideration given to old age pensioners. Who are living at home. There's going to be home care packages, and it's gonna be a lot of money put into a home care residential home care, you know in the federal system, but the old age pensioners living in who are living in rented accommodation doesn't seem to be any help for them. Yeah, I'd also like to see the amount of money that people are getting in those packages as well. They described as you know, at home care packages, But when you look at what's actually provided It's not a huge amount. Particularly people have high care needs, and it seems that in many cases they have to end up going into residential care, because there's not enough hours of care that allow them to stay safely in their homes. Keep those calls coming in. We'll get a broad view and overview of what was announced last night by the federal treasurer. From a well known account economist at our mighty Up next. You're listening to Virginia Tree Ali on ABC Radio Melvin. Does the budget deficit really.

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