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And Mike Simple v on the sports byline broadcasting network work. The number is here wrestling observer live Mike Zimmer. Vp Jim Valley joining US funding mission. Is something here very quickly on the punk story that is that according to the observer they have met before Fox in San Punk and it was at least a week ago and W we already announced a couple of days ago the host for the show are Booker T. and Rene young this does not mean that can't be hired in work on the show but the show isn't debut in for five more weeks and so it is possible that punk was in negotiations and and it's not happening and that's why they made the announcement five weeks in advance that renee in Booker T. You're hosting the show. They didn't have to make that announcement. Now I mean there's tons ends of announcements. They're making for next week. They're just now making this week so it's not like they've never announced that the very last minute this is five weeks in advance so we shall see what happens but that's all of this could be nothing I mean he met with them about taking the job so that is something but he may not get get the job. You may not doing any hockey I want hockey for. CNN punk and he him to cover hockey not talk you get out of here. Come on I'm not there anywhere all right so INEX- t week to not well. It was all right one point point zero zero six million viewers smuggled unexpected. They stayed above a million. The show dropped twenty six percent in the eighteen eighteen to forty nine demo down to eighth place. The viewership was down fifteen percent so the audience drop was far greater. It was for raw which was only down three percent. This week and smackdown gained viewers from the previous week so I saw first off yesterday I asked why is only the second hour on the wwe network and and everybody explained to me well is because the whole show will be uploaded. I think they said at eight eastern something like that five Pacific Eighty Sir anyway as of as of midnight East Coast time on Friday. I still could not watch the entire show on the W network. It was still only the second hour so I'm not sure what they're doing in terms. It's probably up there now. I don't know but but I guess the point is like if you WANNA watch this show its entirety on Thursday. You may be waiting until Friday so I know that the idea was the INEX- t- replay was going to be on the network on Thursday but the whole thing was not up on Thursday as of yesterday now. If you have you could always record it like if you you really want to watch it you can record it. I guess I'M GONNA have to record it on Youtube. TV and then watch it the next day but minor inconvenience yesterday when I was trying to watch the show and and couldn't watch the entire thing but I eventually did. I thought the show was the first hour was very good and I thought that the second hour I don't want to say it fell off a cliff but that second hour just dragged it was a bunch of matches that they stretched out to get to an hour our multiple rest holds. I was falling asleep during an Oni Larkin Danny Burch match which will tell you something has never happened in my lifetime so obviously next week. Show is going to be a huge one. This was a show designed to build up next week. Show not every show is going to be a giant massive. You've exciting to our program but we'll see what happens with this head to head block. I'm going to be fascinated to see first television show because I have no earthly earthly idea what they're gonNA do and we've seen two weeks of an x t so I have a rough idea of what they're gonNA. Do we shall see what did you think of an xt. We'll start with you JIM. I agree I agree with you. They probably could've added. Maybe like a squash match or some sort of new character in that second hour. Just Kinda pad time I think it was it was kind of surprisingly boring for an extra usually everything in annexed t's very lean and has a purpose and it did feel like one of the few times were they added Filler and that was obvious and very odd for for Annex T. I expected the rating to be about a million next week I I think it's going to be about a point nine. These it'd be down next week per se W it'll be. Oh I think it'll be down a little bit and it's going to be curious where it is in a few weeks and if it's down how many of those Bryan Alvarez predictions everybody made fun of criticized Brian How many of those are GonNa come true. I I don't know quite a few of us really always come true every single one Mike. Did you see this show. I did you know I'll say this. The second hour is still better better than many syndicated wrestling hours from my youth so I'll take the there's ironic you say that because I watch a syndicated our from my youth immediately afterwards it was much better than that second hour of annex t sure I'm sure it was I guess but the miscellaneous been when it comes to wrestling on TV. TV always seems to be between one and one point four million viewers obviously impact being the greatest example of that of no matter what they did for a a long period of time no matter what was on against them they could not run off viewers. They were going to get the same rating and same number of total viewers roundabouts constantly no matter we week week after week. I'm wondering what the pool how it's going to grow and what exactly. It's going to settle that because I can't see I just don't know you know the first first week obviously high because everybody's going to be tuning in but once the thing settles then I wonder if we're going to be seeing eight hundred thousands and things like that and I I am also wondering because of the nature of cable TV sometimes we focus more on the rating than we really shouldn't because the new shows are going to dominate and we know that wrestling is is going to be O- other than mighty shows like you know in sports and things like that and you're American horror stories in your top tier shows wrestling's always GonNa draw enough total viewers where you can legitimize having it on so with that I think the thing to look at is going to be the demos because TNT TNT is all about that eighteen the personally I don't know playing towards younger fans who would be online and things like that so I wondering that demographic is going to be worth far more than any rating the total viewers in eighteen thirty four all I know is that I don't expect triple h to say anything different but he certainly not gonNA come on a conference call and say you know I wish it was only an hour but they're making me go to two hours but what he said was two hours is going to be better because with one hour we always felt rushed and I realized that's what you have to say but and I realize it's only been two weeks but so far far annex t does not need to be two hours. It is better as a one hour television show a pitcher. Jim and I saw the problem everybody can. It's been an old wrestling fan. Ninety minute show put half hour. US You're doing for Fox anyway mimic that with Scott Stanford and somebody else you're not paying do a USA one go ninety minutes and then have a wrap up show that ties all the other shows together. Do it that way go to the phones. You're on the air what's going on. Hey this is Chris from Brooklyn. I just wanted to say it would be an amazing coup for a you you could get punked. I do I do. You think if if he did come back. WWe And people would forgive and forget get and if his character was portrayed edgy enough and if he you know kind of went against everything everything he usually does I don't I don't think people would really hold it against them. Well I mean I think to agree. There's always going to be some people that would call him a sell out but I think that in general if he came back and they pushed him as a big star everybody would forget about it. Just think that's how it would go. I would totally lose some respect for punk. This person said if you went back to me just for the money but if he needs money if he needs a job why would you lose respect for the guy to for going back and making his money missing something he lost a lot of money in that lawsuit seven seven figures to the company though there's the thing where I think you know I got into a conversation with somebody about this about Mike Bennett where they fired me you will if you were in his position. Would you do what he's doing. In my answer is no and at some point everybody's got their own line their own personal line to draw and I get that and I'm not believe me. I'm not going to progress M for whatever he does is his life is his business. I really don't care but I I would be very surprised by it and again. Maybe I hold more of a grudge. Maybe I look at things a little bit more differently but I can get another job like I can do other things and sometimes I I think a lot of entertainers and pro wrestlers especially we saw this Roddy Piper crying tears out in that Hbo Bob Costas or whatever whatever it was years ago where or is the Bryant Gumbel show where you know what am I gonNA. Do you know what can I do at my age. Get a job yeah actually yes you can yes she can't maybe you can't live as opulent as you want to. Maybe it doesn't give you that Russia showed but you know what yeah actually he can and it's not that big of a deal all athletes have to do it. You're you're not special so he's got options and again I could see why people would lose some respect for him but with that said to think like that caller said that person e mailed or texted in said yeah I mean it's not it's only going to be a certain amount and as we go on obviously more people who are in the WWe universe cheer on Pumpkin eight eight. M Baffled Shane Versus Kevin Owens match next week is not an I quit match you would fit well. We're making our current fans. Happy and we're GONNA do something it makes sense in the story line. It's the Fox debut it's being pushed on all of these. NFL NFL broadcast and whatever they're trying to get new eyeballs there and believe me new eyeballs turning into smackdown. It's going to be a car crash. Ashamed McMahon falling off ladders match is going to attract your casual fans much more than they I quit match in the middle of the ring motive for life but you're not hiring resume hiring a person that's why indeed tools that help bridge the gap between the candidate and the resume.

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