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Trajectory and stuff like that i. I'm with you there. But i also think it's here's if he makes insensitive movies if he decides he or anybody decides to tell those stories but doesn't do the work will they show you who they are in a way. Then that you could be like. I'm not gonna go see the next time i'm not going to support it. I don't wanna see it. I don't think he's already shown that and he's here. He is making a movie about lesbians and like we already know that he doesn't have the kind of sensitivity to do that. And there are already other people out there who could do a better job. Why did i haven't seen any other of his movies except for basic instinct. But i just had a feeling like that and probably not gonna like his movie and broke up robocup rules. You should watch. That's fair but that's a different. That's a totally different job. We're not talking about that. John right now and this is about like yeah the ethics and morality around who telling stories and i side with you guys on this. I personally feel that as long as you know. We say right what you know right and if you are truly willing to get to know the population that you're writing about and really treated with care and by that i mean like be very careful like full of care about the people that you're representing and make sure that you're doing it well and and not just reinforcing Tired stereotypes that could potentially hold that group back or have been holding back then. Great like if you're gonna do a good job great if you can tell by this person's track record that they don't have that kind of or truly. Don't care enough than not the person that you want that movie. What's like if you think about cary joji fukunaga who like before. No bray like went to the area. We're seeing nobody was et and spent time there to absorb the culture and try and write the story of soon number. I from a place of something. Authenticity which is like totally off. The roads grew up in but he wanted. And like. that's the kind of thing that we're hoping for and expecting from filmmakers because let's not forget like you know everyone is everyone simultaneously capable of trying to be. There are female filmmakers out there that were not seized. Leni riefenstahl total nazi. So like it's not that you know. It's not like male filmmakers bad female filmmakers card. It's like it's like you know. Are you trying to bring an authentic something to the experience. 'cause yeah i guarantee you. There's an amazing movie about lesbians directed by a man. I say careless toga carolyn. So i was just going to throw out there because kathy reminded me of it. The perfect example of this this movie concrete cowboy. It's on netflix. It came out in april. And i interviewed ricky staub who wrote and directed it and he's a white guy and this is a story about african americans in a city. Who were cer- true story about the fletcher street urban writing club. These guys raised horses. They were cowboys basically and they had horses and stables. And they still do. And it's really cool. It's a great Basically to tell the story he just embedded himself in this world. He got to know the people who was really about any spent a lot of time. Earning their trust tell their story and that story is great because he really was like i care about the tell i care about these people and i care about doing it right. And he wasn't the natural pick but it was a great example of like. Hey prove that you can tell that you can become a filter for it that you can do it with care like you said. Honestly i love that and you're right like it's a shame i agree with you. It's a shame that someone could prove that they're not really gonna do that and they keep getting turns at bat anyway to do it when it's like. Hey we already know like find somebody who wants to do the work. They're out there and wants to tell the story authentically or has some deeper connection to it or so many times. You talked to filmmaker and you're like you're really have an obvious connection to this material and they'll tell you why they how they developed one and that's what you want to see because it gets you closer to an experience and and something authentic and i think it's no accident. That for hoven is great at telling stories that address. Fascism because these best movies addressed those ideas right robocop in my opinion starship troopers. Like he really has a connection to that and there's other things he does not have a connection to that he tells stories about an doesn't work as well and right makes and we all have our blind spots like yes. I am a female filmmaker. But i know that like one My blind spots is like i. Probably if i were to sit down and write a lesbian movie right now. It probably wouldn't be that good. Because i am not lesbian. I don't. I'm not part of that community not for that population. I don't know very much about it. So i would have to do the work to do something like that and actually make it like a very like authentic and real film that does justice to the community and like i also happen to be mixed race but having grown up in america and only speaking english. First and foremost there is. I have less connection to the culture. Is that my my previous generations of my family are from and so i even have blind spots. What i'm making movies about like you know Chinese characters or salvadoran character is which is where my family's from and so it's always good to be mindful of like how is my perspective being shaped by the culture that i grew up in. And how is that going to affect. What i'm making about this other culture that i'm interested in you know yes i do the research for. I think that's a good thing to do. It's a good thing to wanna do. It's gonna make you better storyteller. You're gonna find interesting things as you go on from there. Tila subjects that you can't do a ton of research about which is superhero movies and the filmmaker that arguably in the modern era in superhero cinema. Yeah so the passing of richard donner great filmmaker. And i think that it's a perfect segue. Charles because my favorite thing about richard donner as a film fan and filmmaker and Everything human being is that he had this rule when they made superman. Superman was his one of his big projects and the christopher reeve one that at the time. If you go back in history folks and you watch the batman show of the sixties or the batman serials black and white from prior to that. There was no version of the story. Unscreened with superheroes that wasn't like overtly silly on some level because it was an overtly.

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