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It twice. Wanna find out your body and nice and goes down Stop. Wait. To bed in my head that you watch out coming down coming down. Down 10 homes. Get you to a rough start, Billy, head down that to do and cool elephant both sick. Kitty Foster was coming. What? My dad coming down. You don't have to do something You don't owe me. Oh, Mm hmm. Does to go Don't know. Helen's didn't kill Leo. Hmm. Oh, rich happy. Oh, Oh, you got to know him, but you won't see me. Mama? No. Undress me. Yeah, I wanna be made that you got that mind. You just leave it. Good. Thank you. Yes, Yes. Oh, yes. Oh, yeah. Captain. Don't matter to me. Oh, Man kiss. Get it up there. Okay. Okay. So you're slipping. Found this cause here again. You gotta bring this one down here. We need a lawyer. Okay, Coming in roulette. Something else might complain about. I don't know how it changes. Somebody should tell you way before. That here but the damn wooden toys. We still making a nobody, and they believe they really It is not fun. I want that better be like, yeah. Uh, hey, uh, something else might complain about looking around this whole time. We've been here, Mrs Claus. Don't do a damn thing. Have you noticed that she's a delegator? Your hate mail. Hey, Batman. Yeah. Late. Hey, You know what? Something that you might complain about? Listen, said I got a taste of their time. I'm trying to get some there, Rudolph nose. Go on, Everybody See what I'm doing? I don't think you have your way. You have to put some on his nose. And yeah, I can't get my bookie because he comes. Oh, come into roulette. Something an elf might complain about. But I'm gonna just said, because I know the other l feel the same way. You need to turn the heat up on in here. You really do Miss North outside is cold, but we need some heat up in here. Really? Man. Could you turn you know something else might complain about can take something. This the last candy cane I'm making in this shop it you don't like kids in candy cane. 1000. I'm in here. Yeah, my last one. Yeah, Let me just go on. And I've been working out here for 20 some years. Can I please Can somebody tell me what I got on my 41? K i d o e. Don't see none of my running where I don't see anything coming back, saying He ready for retirement? Get up here, you know? Yeah. Something an elf? My complaining about comedy roulette. Live in. I just need to know how come don't nobody get to go deliver the toys. Butch you What? What was that all about that we can wait. Can't pin in the slave love. Take away. Santa's big night? Yeah. Hey, you know what we never get Whole lot going on up here is just us. I mean, can't we get a little magic City Christmas party? You know, way. Got all these cans. Okay, let's get up on the phone. Thank you guys. That was comedy roulette. Coming up next. The nephew with today's prank phone call right after this. You're listening.

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