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Along with me loveline who you can find all over the internet at how loveline plenty of stuff going on two things. I can't talk about that. They'll both be up next year. And i'll tell you about him then. Danielle what's going on. I put out a comic for a grechko meet. Her world. believe it's issue number three yes. There's wrestling borghese. So if you like the idea of reading a comic book that i wrote Go get into that and also honest trailers still right those Those come out every tuesday. Go check that out. Yeah books would you believe it. Books books books I'm on social media all the time. Everywhere at lindsey calc token about nine books token about them books and also wrestling unbooked which against so confused by wrestling too wrestling. Twisted doesn't care about book twitter. It's beautiful place. Come and join us our producer. Julian burrell woke up and did not skip leg day or any other day. She see this state rip through the pandemic senior producer. Maximum fund is laura swisher. Mike eagles voice behind our music so putting him over for that. Keep up with us all week. Long on facebook twitter and instagram links. To all of those are in our show notes. You love what we do. Remember to hit those five stars on apple podcasts. Sheriff with all your friends thank you so much. The fund members who made this show possible. We'll be back next week. For even more. You guessed it raslan us. Maximum fund dot org. Comedy culture artists owned audience supported.

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