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Nine here to find commit to that country to to to find galster to sleep with your hand. My role was to try and reduce that age to find if there was a third party responsible for that individual sale or his exploitation and control. Who is that the circumstances that going on here. This is no way you're eighteen fine. How is life lead you to being here and if there was some responsible for them we had a case and then we would investigate that case in trying to see justice done yeah. Wow oh really colorful in terms like you say you're younger heard took by planting the seed we there's a lot of first time for you ever for justice more widely than your media like your immediate. Surroundings were internationally yeah yeah spo- inside the temptation is to look actually internationally think this is something that goes on in africa and this is something goes on india and certainly never associated with the caribbean yeah but of course you know in the police. I came across issues a human trafficking. I think we're becoming more conscious of human trafficking within our borders domestically and what that looks like but yeah. This is the first time i suppose i thought i could actually influence something overseas. I could actually contribute something overseas. I can take my languish experience and employees in another culture in another country. I was really interested in as well as i guess you had to you at the university acidy here. I is that false ahead laughing studied burzaco. A hebrew school is complete yeah university of disneyland. I got a go to combined on it. Took this literally the most savage degree the life. I've go to to to in a combined on his bachelor's degree in drama and theatre studies on sport and exercise science that i mean i guess that's the thing that everyone leave school. Where but i got one question question by. Everyone kind of has this vision right. Go get my lawsuit ago. Go be part of the part of the rat race right in the interesting view.

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