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And so a lot of part of the problem is you have coaches who won't take that guy and play to a strength because we play this way. This is my system, and so you know, that's part of the issue. If you have Nick foles, you better do things in a way that maximize all the stuff that he's good at and minimize the stuff that he's not. And I think that's what what McVeigh is done with Gough, which is why it's hard to tell exactly how good he is yet. It, you know that said, you know, there is a limit as to what Nick foles can do. And if you need him to do that over the course of a whole season or. A whole playoffs or something you're probably gonna run into Trump. I think it'll be interesting to see what happens with just do. I have to have one of these guys and the other part that Doug Peterson changed not just Nick foles, but they went for it. They literally, you hear coaches talk about this all the time and not just improve, but that we're gonna play the win. Yes, very few Boorda's would have been in the Super Bowl and they Radley. You said this yesterday, Gus rally, not chicken. Now, had he played to win that game. They beat the patriots. They go to the site and now you have a formula, the formulas been there. There's always the exception to the rule me the form of the us for dirt, Vicki to win a title is not the same one that ever multiple stars and whatever. So you know, Jacksonville would've gotten the Super Bowl with a great defense, a rock-solid running game, adequate quarterback play, and you know some better than advertised guys on the outside and whatever. And you know the, the ravens won with Trent Dilfer because they had one of the greatest d. Offenses that same. You can do it if you are exceptional at other things. This is the this is the question though. I wonder if that isn't changing. I think that you don't have to have that bucks defense or that ravens defense or that big Jim. Jim McMahon is another one because we know his name and he was a colorful portion. He wouldn't very good quarterback. No, not Walter Payton date yet Walter Payton, and they had the forty six defense that was just crushing people. I don't know if you need to have. I think what you need to have is you need to have a guy, and this is perhaps this is me finding reasons to think that Sean McVeigh's the greatest coach folks. I think he is is I need a guy that is like you just described flexible enough to say, this isn't what I do, and all of you that are coming in here need to do what I do. I what my genius is would do you do? Okay. Got it. Now here's how we're gonna use that and being able to turn that into winning form Sean McVay. Does that Doug Peterson, like Bill Bill bell, check the venture. Don't play in the same way every year. They don't play same week to week. They change on a weekly basis depending on what's working, what's not, which is why, like for three weeks, Kevin Faulk is like the greatest player in the doesn't touch the ball for a month. Yeah. And it's frustrating to you. Don't draft patriots running back or that isn't the new folk because you'll get into these places with all of these pieces being good, not great, and you can spread it around a little bit more and you don't have to be so sunk. Let your margin for your margin for error is much smaller, but the margin of success of trying to find Aaron Rodgers. Tom Brady quest office burger is smaller than the margin of error in trying to execute all these. And you also have to have a whole roster that's predicated on the idea of what if we have to change what we're doing and week six. And that's hard like the mentality of that is you have to have the security from the organization Bill Belichick can do it because he knows he's not going to get fired. Sean Payton can do it because he's knows he's not going to get fired. I think..

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