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Ahead with Ted, Anthony on, this Friday morning after morning clouds and some patches of fog some of that fog by the way may. Be dense do expect sunny and breezy conditions for the bay today and highs up to the mid nineties. Inland it'll be cooler, of course near the coast highs ranging from the low sixties along the coast and through the seventies along the Bayshore From NPR news in Washington I'm Dave Mattingly, firefighters in northern California are gaining ground on. The state's largest wildfire on record the Mendocino complex, fire is now more than fifty percent contained it's, burned three hundred five thousand acres north of Sacramento a federal judge in San Francisco is hearing arguments today in. Two lawsuits challenging a citizenship question on the upcoming twenty twenty US census NPR's Hansie lo Wong says the Trump administration is facing six lawsuits over the question attorneys. At the Justice department has been. Trying to get these six lawsuits over the citizenship question dismissed they weren't able to get to. Cases at Manhattan federal, court tossed and today US district, judge Richard Seaborg is hearing oral arguments in two cases including one led by California state attorney general. Heavier the Sarah, who was, the first to file a lawsuit back in March pilots at Ryan air on strike today and several euro Opean countries as has. Me Nicholson reports about four hundred flights are canceled Ryan pilots have walked out in Germany Sweden Belgium. The Netherlands and in the airlines native Ireland Ryan, ac- Mike low Leary once closure to saying. He'd rather cut off his own hand than recognize, unions was forced to enter into negotiations to avert, strikes last December pilot's union say they've seen little progress in reaching a collective labour agreement I'm Dave Mattingly NPR, news in Washington There, are, changes coming, to the rules for, public housing, people on government assistance are going to have to pay more but how are they going to pay my car is necessary if you had to choose between. My house and my house I'm KAI Ryssdal the poor the rules and the price. Of public housing next time on marketplace And.

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