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You take a month or two and persist and that and then at every person and that group at a person somewhere down the line and just keep growing our numbers yeah the the power of compound and interest isn't worry you know and you measure progression is extraordinary if if you get actually it even got three people and he follows three people got three people is one of those three people got three people you know with then you know six or eight iteration is you have pretty much everybody in the country it it doesn't take enormous number people to me i i really have my ten oh that's great you know and i'm going to meeting with with you know mike outpolled so to speak and um i'm hoping that the other members of the party will also participate that's marvelous that's marleau is going on you tell you thanks like for the call thanks for sure an inspirational story wins i appreciate it rich in green when indiana a rich what's on your mind a ton thank you i wanted to bring attention to a couple resource that and then i rescued question about the okay for that and you're starting body professor turgid amazing grace is a song that we all know more or less and there was a move he back in two thousand and six but you know minute it's here it about be i wish into slavery in great britain william wilbur force and william yet there was nineteen thirty eight was not it is a thirty eight okay that's my recollection i could be wrong but it's been a long time but it was only it was a nearly eighteen hundred so was it was after the american revolution and before the emergence of work this this the is a wonderful period piece that but i think you know that they can be and understanding that are never had on the background that song.

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