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The original just that just like yeah as the face on it and shit. Yeah. Okay. Yeah. So it was later on they were like trying to Wes Craven to do some weird stuff, but it was based on like the Gin home from like Islamic texts and how it's a gin in normal form when the more wishes you get there more wishes he takes from people than when he becomes he gets like he's first ourselves a reptilian and then they can shape-shift which is like super weird. You should just watch it for the fact how fucked it is and then he like he's like plotting and all this stuff and he becomes just like big like CEO got kind of guy but the thing is when he gets his full form, whatever people made wishes he'll fucking like he takes their soul. So when homeless guys like he hates this farmer sister told me to like get off the sidewalk cuz he's homeless dog. Wishes, he has cancer and then like the guy just dies instantly of cancer. Oh sure. Just try. I I want to share know cuz it's ridiculous, but I was pretty stoned and it's like a shape-shifting genie thing. It's like Wes Craven would off the diving board on that one and it's bought a bunch of sequels to yeah. I see that I'll check it out. Let's get into the Lexus. So What we just talked about was the Amityville murders. Yes. Now we're going to be talking about what everybody really knows that's mainstream the Amityville hauntings Witch Is Dead what the movies are based off of what the book is based off of and so November 13th, nineteen seventy-four Ronald defeo Jr. Sean killed six family members at 15 Fulton Avenue in Amityville, since nineteen seventy over it was Nineteen seventy-four. That's what we've discovered. It was two years later that the Lexus moved in well supposedly it was in back in December of nineteen seventy. I got January 14th, nineteen Seventy-Six. Really? Yeah. Well somebody six they were doing the investigation this year. So it was thirteen months after the defeo murders. That's what I got here. Yeah, so Cathy and she had her three kids their previous marriage and they had a dog also dead. Well, I guess they were married in July of nineteen seventy-five. So well, well, well, whatever. Anyways, they they they moved out after Twenty Eight Days. Okay, so we have George and Kathy Lutz with their three children and they left After Twenty Eight Days claiming. They had been terrorized by paranormal phenomenon. They are they're so young thirteen months after the film murders or two years five bed or two years five bedroom house built in a dutch-style colonial-style. It had a swimming pool Boathouse. It is dope like it's a dope. It's pretty it looks beautiful. I mean if you if you see it now, it's a beautiful house. It's beautiful and we'll get into the and they bought it for $80,000 off right which I think is a steal. It was a steel. Yeah. It was located on a canal George and Kathy were married nineteen seventy-five. She had periods children and they had Daughters, I believe they had a dog and during their first inspection of the family dog. Yeah during the first inspection of the house. The real estate agent had told them about the defeo murders and they said they asked if it would affect their decision which they said it was not a problem, but I would be like, can I get like, you know, let's just like knock it down 10 grand. You know what I mean? Like, I you know, I know that shit because I'd be like, I would not move in there. I would not move in there and this is more fucked so they moved in December nineteen. Nineteen seventy-five. Can I say I would move in and I would I would test the waters. Maybe I've even played some Ouija board in their know it gets too fucked up K know then I sell it for more than I got it for know mostly. Here's the fucked-up part. Here's the crazy part. They kept it a fails Furniture first $400 as part of the deal when she slept in the same bed together. That's fucking I thought you tell him I said bed. And that's really weird in general that they like they fucking stayed like you sound the same couch. You know what I mean? Like that's I wouldn't I wouldn't for a murder thing. These people are obviously you were not what they claim to be not superstitious at all, right, so they came up to be religious or superstitious. So but that's fucked dude being in the sleeping in the same bed frame has some people that were in that's what I couldn't get across like I would obviously if I had to buy a house like this, I would probably be into it my girlfriend I probably so I'm sure there's people who are into that stupid fucking fag Zak Bagans from Ghost Adventures. He like bought like I think he you know, he didn't buy the Amityville. Oh, he they're doing a thing on fucking Joe exact farm for some fucking Reserve Zoo. Really? Yeah. Yeah that the tattooed guy. Yeah, no you ever watch Ghost Adventures. I like playing here. Yeah, and he's just like super do she like yeah, it used to be good and and I liked it and but I turned it seems so forced everything all the shit. There's a spirit asked to be like everything is seems super force and then one of the members left and he actually went to create I think a better show off where they actually like locked down for a night and you can't leave that something you do it and now they don't do it. They have so many film Crews and all this shit. It's like you're not going to catch anything. All these girls can be like man look all going to take her King a tiger or whatever like looking for some reason. I don't know what anyways this is fogged. I would never buy a home that somebody was murdered in. So I'm the kind of friend of George Lutz had learned about the history of the house and he had insisted on having it blessed at the time. He was yeah. It was a non-factor..

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