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It's likely that they are going to be restrictions on the number of visitors attractions and visitor. Centers in the coming year and while it removes the impulsiveness from your explorations for those tours and sites that you really really want to visit. I just i highly recommend making a booking if they take them to be sure that you are going to get that experience that you've been looking forward to stay current on rules and regulations as you make your plans. Be sure to research those locations. You plan to visit know what their rules are for visitors and be ready to abide by them. When you are looking to book your flights i first of all i recommend booking them early and also. Don't expect to find really amazing bargains. The airlines are working to entice you to book your flight and you may find some deals. But it's more likely you're going to find very lenient change policies but you have to remember that flight routes have been reduced. There are routes that are no longer even available and the number of flights into ireland have been they've cut almost maybe even only a third of them are flying right now so just remember that. There are not as many flights going which means as people are able to travel or a comfortable traveling demand will be up and supply will still be low so book early. Don't expect amazing deals but you can still look for good deals and just know those change policies. I do have an article it's called booking your flight to ireland and it teaches you how to set flight alerts with three easy easy to use tools and offers tips on how to get the best airfare. So if you need some tips on booking a flight that is going to be a great resource for you. Now as you're thinking of where you're going to stay in what you're going to do. I really do advise staying fewer places and taking more day trips. It's a perfect year to explore those hidden spots of ireland and get out of the busy tourism centers. I have a podcast. Ireland's natives to ireland's most popular location so it lists the most popular areas in ireland. As well as those places that will give you a very similar feel and experience but just aren't going to have as many people so do have a listen to that i when you thinking again about things to do plan more time outdoors. Ireland is an amazing country to get outside and explore. Ireland is an island so there are so many beautiful. Amazing cliff walks. You're going to find secret. Beaches that are kind of hidden down these little bitty roads there's mountain biking hill walking. Or maybe they'll just come upon a ruin that time and most people have forgotten. I do have some book recommendations on my website for resources that can help you with that. The ancient east by neil jackman and the wild atlantic way also by jackman and then felicity hayes mccoy has a great guy to the dingle peninsula. Those are just three books that are going to be really really helpful as you make those plans to get off that tourist trail and then i highly recommend that you join me over on facebook. The ireland family vacations facebook page is where share news and updates from ireland as it hits my newsfeed so anytime i find out about restrictions or lockdowns or reopenings..

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