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Welcome to episode number fourteen and the second edition of high performance heritage these are special episodes where we take a closer look at a car truck or person that embodies the high performance heritage komo par on this installment pop the hood on what was considered in the late seventies the last american hot rod the nineteen seventy eight dodge little red express we also have our normal weekly segments too so get in sit down shut up and hold on you're tuned into the best mo- part theseus driven podcast on planet earth and i'm your host chris albrecht better known as the mo opa hunter and this is talking mo- pars and you're listening to talking mobile ars with the hunter your direct mention to all things mope aw we are back with installment number two of high performance heritage which we will get to once we cover our weekly segments of projects arve the week high performance parts and listener stories but before we get into all that i wanna talk about a very cool car that i saw on social media this past week i was browsing through my feed when i saw that my buddy johnny moped shared a picture of a ratty sixty nine roadrunner setup for drag racing posted by true street productions if you've listened to most of if not all of these shows than by now you know me and you know that i love me some ratty mo- parse there was something about this roadrunner that really piqued my interest and i had to do some digging i found out that the car has its own facebook page which you can find if you look up project tetanus sixty nine roadrunner turns out this road runner is owned by a guy named ralph and this bird does most of its dirty work on the streets the car is a wild animal period that's all there is to it i also learned that this thing has a hemi now i really wanted to know the story on this car so i reached out to ralph and spoke with him on the phone about coming on the podcast and telling the story about the car which he was open to so i'm happy to announce him as future guest on on this show and like all the guests i'm lining up i am very excited to talk mo parts with him and speaking of which to everyone out there listening that i've reached out to about about being a guest on the show the time has come and i will be in touch with you to get you scheduled to be featured on the special editions of the show that i called direct connections i i wanna be clear when i say that talking mo- pars is for all mope aren't suzy's as such i want to make sure that you understand that i wanna be different from other shows by being inclusive lucid to you the listener so i say again if you have a mo- par story that you wanna share with me that i will share on this podcast email them to me at chris at talking mobiles .com the same goes for you if you want to be a guest on the show email me and let me know why you think you'd make a good guest because direct connections are coming soon and most of the people that are going to be coming on the show i've actually reached out to myself but i'm also open to suggestion so if there's someone out there that you think i should talk to on the podcast maybe you want to hear more of their story or more about their business or what have you email me and i'll reach out to them and see if coming on the show something they'd be interested didn't so that's that and back to project tetanus this car is awesome like i said it's set of drag racing it's caged up it's got racing seats no from bumper no hood hemion nitrous this car is a straight up savage and guess what you can see it in action there is a slew of street racing videos on youtube you buy a production company called sixty street that's the number six and then sixty street spelled out you can see project tetanus doing work on the video title no trailer number five so if you go to youtube and look up sixty sixty six sixty street say that ten times fast and then you look look up no trailer number five you'll find the videos now you will see one that shows project tetanus the sixty nine road runner on the cover photo although with a mustang so check out that video check it out see see the work it does it's a really cool car i really like it i love ratty mo- parks because you i can see that this car you know it's derelict condition i don't know the whole story on it but you know when i see car like that i imagined that it was sitting somewhere and you know ralph saw bought it and brought it back to life in a different way than your average restoration he took this car and made it a monster her which i respect and i can't wait to get the full story on this show because i really don't know the story of the car i kinda ralph and i had a brief conversation and and i realized that he was full of stories so i'm really excited to get him on the show and i'm really excited to hear about this roadrunner because like i said it piqued my interest and i needed to learn more and the more i learned the cooler it gets so hopefully we can get him on the show really soon i'm not sure when but really soon i'll be reaching back out to him but while i'm talking about this if i ever mention a business person or anything released pacific i try to remember to put links in the show notes or show description so that you can check it out for yourself so if for some reason you hear something that i talk about on the show and you don't see links in the show description contact me and i'll be sure to direct you to the right place or give you the links myself and i will add them to the notes section because sometimes i forget i try to give credit to where credit is due but sometimes i miss it and i'll be going back to some of my previous episodes because i'm sure that i've missed some stuff there and i just wanna make sure that everything is linked in the show notes anyways always i'm a fan of the street racing scene around the country and i'll admit that i got sucked into the rabbit hole youtube street racing videos on more than one occasion and doing research coach on project tetanus was no different i had to see the car doing work on the street and i spent quite a bit of time watching the videos you watch these street racing videos as long enough and you're gonna end up finding yourself in the garage tearing up that piece of cardboard with all your plans for your car on it i'm telling you you're gonna be you know you're like you know what screw screw screw it were tub in this thing you know we're back having it you know what i mean when i see these street racing videos i'm like man i need to do that you know as i'm watching these cars pulling wheelies losing it halfway down the track i'm like oh yeah maybe i should try that you know but street racing really talent a lot of people think they can go out there and do it and you get that some of these high powered cars and you can see how much skill it takes to keep these things on the road and my hat is off to any of those guys who really have beast cars and and have a hard time keeping them on the road i would like to get into racing i have this dark and although i wanted to be a streetcar i'm leaning towards it's making a you know a fun track car i don't really know of any street race is going on around here the cops are pretty strict but i'm sure some of you guys up in washington you know you you have your finger on the underground pulse so if you do let me know i'd like to go check him out sometime but project tennis is a really neat car and i'm looking forward to speaking into the owner ralph so all right now that we're all warmed up let's get this show on the road before we get into project car of the week i want to be sure that you guys know where you can see the cars that i pick on the segment i choose who's project car of the week based off of cars that i post on the mot part hundred facebook page the week prior to the episode being released so if you ever want to see the car chosen just go to the mope one hundred page on facebook and you should be able to find the link to the car on there i'll try to remember to let you know moving forward what day and what time the car was posted so that it's easier to find so now that that's out of the way let's get into this week's project car of the week with over fifty thousand people reached and over over eleven thousand engagements on facebook this week's project car of the week was pretty easy to choose and it is the nineteen seventy plymouth khuda in mana hawk in new jersey jersey that was posted at nine AM on friday the seventh of february this is one of those cars that is a high price at fifty five thousand dollars but is a rare car that i believed to be worth the money if you bought it for a long term investment so let's let's get into it let's read the ad nineteen seventy v recode shaker for forty six pack four speeds sublime saddle leather fifty five thousand dollars mannequin my nineteen seventy vico numbers matching in khuda this is a very rare car most people i've spoke with told me it's most likely the only one made numbers matching four forty four speed factories six packs shaker limelight green saddle leather interior car is a project as you can see motor is dated eight fifteen sixty nine both top pad and vin pat have the butterfly marks from the factory bill date on car is eleven fifteen sixty nine i do have the gill rocker molding and the shaker only part i am missing is the six pack set up and and the manifold i have.

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