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They did that over there by week. They went from one of the least rushing teams to the most in two weeks. They just changed their entire. Goddamn offense. They have the entire offseason outer figuring out they have great Roman. WHO's the offensive coordinator for the Forty Niners when Colin Kaepernick was leading that team and and then he's running all over the N._F._l.? I love so Roman that going back to those days I I can't really hammered this enough. That Ravens team last year was about the most dramatic shift as you will see ever in the N._F._l.. For team changing identity midyear and they're totally in their one hundred percent all in on it too right so that's the thing jade have their backups R._G.. Three and trace mcsorley the rookie out of Penn State. Who's WHO's a very dynamic runner too so I think they're all in on this so here's the thing so Jameson Hanley for E._S._p._N.? Beat reporter wrote a Com on July thirty first quote headline. We'll Lamar Jackson the ravens revolutionizing offense offense. This is from John harbaugh quote. We're probably doing iphone one now. We've a whole new idea. It's not that there's anything new in their concept wise that has never been done in football before four but the way we put it together to me is unique and different and then he's he's explaining this all season that they're pulling concepts that have not really been used since the nineteen fifties. There's this bootleg screens misdirections R._P._O.. Speed options double options mid-line dive options which was his father's move there if they cut their running back attempts per Russia's by ten this year the still lead the League Mark Ingram's A._D._p.'s forty six Gus Edwards is to thirty five draft yeah so there'd being drafted more kingdoms forty six and the other two ravens in that backfield are not being drafted. It's incredible the returning turning all five members of the offensive line weren't sharp projects than to have the second easiest later run defenses in the league. I want an injustice. His third was the number one spark athlete at the combine which stands for speed power agility reaction quickness. I don't think he's going to have an immediate impact because I don't think reading N._F._l.. Defenses we easy for him at first but the fact that Gus Edwards is not higher and that Mark Ingram is not hires nuts to me. I'm buying a piece of this backfield and if you don't love Ingram value you have to love Gus Edwards Edwards the where people drafting them right now makes zero sense so I'm grabbing two of those three if not all three I mean that was excellent. I agree with completely. I think <hes> Ingram has They've added the rookie Nicole Harry and the Achilles torn Mary's Thomas. All I'm saying is be smart. Don't draft him in the second round but be smart. Maybe draft after the fourth round. Take him as you know not R._B.. Twenty five maybe rb seventeen where you can still get your guys up top. I just think R._B.. Twenty five is absolutely insane. Count your money and take him in the fourth round so people are worried right now right that they've got Sony Michelle and Damian Harris ahead of employs rex burkhead rex burkhead we we don't we have no idea what's going on with rex. burkhead Sony Michelle has class knees and and cannot pass catch and James White is going to be on the field. I think more than any of those running-backs Michelle Yeah. There was a super bowl prop Michelle having over half reception so that's tough although health bill born..

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