App Store, Virtual Reality, Jay Green discussed on Target USA Podcast by WTOP - Target USA -- Episode 79: The safety of US diplomats around the world is on the line


You can also let me know what you think at j green at wtop dot com that's the letter j the colored green one word at whisky tango oscar poppa jay green at wtop dot com i'm jay green and this his target usa v national security everybody the new podcast one app is here there's no other podcast app like this when downloaded in the app store or on google play you can find out everything about your favorite shows you can get more content for target usa you can find article social media episodes you can make playlist there's so much you can do it's easy to comment and connect with other show fans because we have our own little community there you can share your favorite content and see behind the scenes photos get 360 video or watch a bunch of shows in virtual reality is over a thousand videos on their right now it's like you're in the studio really cool so many things you can do including fun things like rewards for listening and much much more so if you don't do anything else today remember to download the podcast one out hbo's game of thrones is back for it season waiter is finally here and so or the white walker's will the seven kingdoms of west rose survived the threat from the north or will they fall in the looming war for the iron throne after you've done watching an episode joined the discussion here on the game of thrones after show on podcast one every week our host discuss each episode in detail from shocking twists to fan theories as the series chronicles the violent struggle among the realms noble families for ultimate power joined the fray every week on podcast onecom the podcast one app or subscribe on apple podcast now stay dude for the latest headlines from the associated press.

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