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Eric Bushman. The W B A P 24 7 news Death. Last eight Chevrolet dot com. W B A P first traffic and weather on the ones that I couldn't five W shut down an Ultimatum Boulevard in Fort Worth for emergency repairs to an overhead highway sign. It's about a one hour delay from Brendan Crowley Road. Dallas was found 6 35 just after I 35 year Jack 5 18 Wheeler in the three left lanes and East found 6 35 in Plano Road Crash has only the left lane getting through your stop and go from Greenville Avenue. Wghp first traffic and weather on the ones on date on Metro Express Service. Metro Dash a si dot com It's time for Teacher Appreciation Classic trip early in Grapevine is giving away a brand new 2021 Chevy equinoxes to one Lucky Texas teacher plus a $200 gift card each week in May. Visit Classic Chevys Facebook page today for all the details find new roads, thunderstorms marching on north of Dallas, pushing up towards Sherman a lot of cloud to ground lightning and heavy rainfall. We're under a flash flood watch through tomorrow morning. We are expecting another round of storms to develop off to our Southwest and come in here tonight and overnight. Some two inch plus rainfall totals possible tonight 76 degrees are high this afternoon 66 Tonight Heavy weather Possible member. Turn around. Don't drown. Do not drive your vehicle across flooded roadways. More thunderstorms tomorrow. 74 degrees at the service of unbound dot org's right now the young people across the world facing a tough choice, continue their dream of education or drop out to help their family. Put food on the table..

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