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From ABC News on Chuck's Secrets in this info. Just out this week, 19 states posted their highest number of new covert cases reported in a single day. Three of them hit those record highs today from the covert tracking project cases are up nearly 20% from last week. 28 states plus Puerto Rico in Washington, D C. Now issuing mask mandates. With the push to reopen schools. While experts say the impact on the young appears to be much smaller than it is for adults. Mohr Children are becoming infected first time Mom Angelica Wendell says her two month old daughter, Evie, first developed a fever, then tested positive, right. It's just like a heart breaking in a single Texas County, 85 babies under the age of one have contracted covert 19 as the state is battling a deadly search now recording four straight days of more than 100 dead. ABC is Trevor. All Portland Police and protesters have been scuffling for weeks following the death of George Floyd. Federal agents are stepping in and some being accused of abusing their power. Local and state leaders like Governor Kate Brown want them out. It's absolutely unacceptable that they're deploying federal officials for political purposes. Thie, Oregon attorney general filing a lawsuit against the Department of Homeland Security and other federal agencies. Alleging they seized and detained Oregonians without probable cause. He sees Andrew Dember reaction to two long time civil rights leaders dying on the same day yesterday, Georgia Congressman John Lewis and Reverend C. T. Vivian Someone who worked with both Andrew Young congressman mayor of Atlanta, U. S ambassador to the United Nations, Young said Lewis had a calming effect. Even in this case, somebody told me of his sitting down with plans. Who beat him up. On DH. Reconcile ING and willingly saying that he held no malice for your listening to ABC News. Balance of nature's fruits and vegetables in a capsule changing the world one life at a time. I'm so glad I'm taking this product. It really has done a lot. My skin on my legs was like leather. I kid you not really cleared out everything. My skin looks better..

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