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Okay this weekend okay so you went to a thing sunday let me let me break adopt go so we went to we went to this restaurant called the lila's it's not a restaurant is kinda like a jazz bar i've heard so much about it from todd leo dicaprio goes it's a celebrity hotspot like we were there so so we showed up i saw celebrity there who'd you see do brick thank you really appreciate it i thought gee gee gorgeous there besides your gorgeous yeah we talked to her so we we showed up we got to this place it's like a nice hit bar and i mean fucking celebrities out the wazoo bro really i didn't see any you left who came in they walked in fucking crazy man really migos migos kato's kendall jenner jaden smith fun facts jamie foxx he's just sitting in the in the photo booth doing his photo booth thing fuck all of migos two of them two of them and then halsey halsey was there haley baldwin was there i heard a really funny thing i saw woman yelling at a pep brazzi out front and the only sound bite i heard was she goes she goes you push me and hauls he sought you push me and hauls thought she kept saying okay i don't even it looks not brought to you is outside it was it was insane i mean there is i can't even listen i raised i can't think of all of them i was there wasn't that much fun it sounds like it's super fun it's not fun it was not fun at all i was begging to go home but the everybody wanted to stay couldn't shit couldn't get a drink let me explain to you what is a divide is nice it's cool to be in a room with all these powerful people that have all this money and have all the success but at the same time like it gives me the biggest urge to go fucking home and work like there's nothing more motivating than being around all these people that have made so much money and like yours like these these guys are out partying like this is my time to fuck and go and do something else like.

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