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All the time but by our clients call hambro's in and really are response it's clearly way we are in the bull market states and a half years old it is one of the longest bull markets that we've seen some equity markets are alltime highs their valuations and not necessarily alltime high so the us is clearly hitting alltime highs in terms of price but in terms of value by somebody wish and measures it's still not quite there europe still a long way to go before it hits the alltime highs in terms of valuation is so there's still some value in this late stage at the bull market to harvest some good returns so cutting our clients continue investing in equities but have a balanced approach and keep some dry powder that's why we are in the cycle we have to accept that riyadh the time due to investors have a lotta dry powder right now is there a lot of cash out there still you be surprise yeah there's actually a lot of people have been quite cautious in the current environment given the geopolitical uncertainty and then what we discussed earlier so a lot of people have been quite riskaverse than nervous and and then held back and the advice to them is this is not the time to put it all into the market you have to be gradual and you have to be very measured given valuations but there is a lots of dry pounded on the side to fund a quick question oh seems to be rising on a people under weights and the g stocks right now in his back the right trade yeah i think actually the energy sector is we're talking about valuations is one of the most attractively valued sectors if you look at it under normalised signings and its earnings are all over the place because of the oil price so i think this is clearly a sex that has been waiting for such an old press and we could see some decent returns from it in in the coming months given the surge in oil price mamata those very much here then chief investment officer at kleinwort hambro's we appreciate your time both on radio and on television today let's get over now damarcus carlsson for.

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