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146 running of the Kentucky Derby is set to take place today at Churchill Downs without Spectators. And while there will be nobody inside Churchill Downs outside, there will be protesters demanding justice in the death of Rianna Taylor. No justice, no Derby Thie Group until freedom is calling for justice in the police shooting death of Briana Taylor. This is Tameka Palmer. What we believe is that the citizens of Louisville are going to come out so strong tomorrow that there is no way that you will be able to deny that justice for Briana Taylor is more important than this race is more important than Churchill Downs. Louisville police and the Kentucky National Guard will have a large presence outside Churchill Downs. There are no fans allowed at the Derby this year. I'm pole Miles. The Kentucky Oaks was held Friday. Hey, and also Friday, another scratch was announced heading into the Derby Moron that during sports Cleveland police chief Calvin Williams was emotional during a news conference Friday afternoon in which he and the safety director Provided enough date after a detective was killed in the line of duty, and another officer took their own life loss of an officer in the line of duty, especially to violence is a terrible tragedy. Two officers. In one night is Really bad. Safety director Carrie Howard said. There are three suspects being questioned in connection with the murder of Detective James Gordon. If it's neither the safety director nor chief would say what the detective was working on at the time he was shot, saying the investigation into the original case is still ongoing. As for the suicide of police officer Nicholas Savo, at his home in North Bridgeville that had been confirmed by the Lorraine County Corner flags across Ohio were flying at half staff for detective screen. If it's Governor Mike DeWine ordered all flags lowered in Cleveland, Columbus, and it's state owned buildings until the day of his funeral news radio 700 WLW School Reds and Pirates plane of seven ending doubleheader Friday, with each team picking up a win game three of the Syriza's Tonight at 705 from PNC Park in Pittsburgh. Coverage begins with the inside pitch at 605. Anthony DeSclafani gets the start for the Reds. The winner of the Kentucky Oaks was she dares the devil setting a new record time finishing the race in one minute and 48.28 seconds, which broke the Previous record in 2003, set by Bird Town of one minute 48.64 seconds clinic. The fierce on Friday became the third horse scratch from the Kentucky Derby. The horse is out with an apparent foot problem. The field now down to 16 horses. Tis the law, the Belmont Stakes winner still a favored Going in as going in with odds of 6 to.

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