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Just about three minutes left here on no cone out. Thanks for spending part of your morning with us. One last segment left here. Let's get to the headline the cut. Alright wanian man sits in ice for three hours to break world record. I would be terrible at this. I don't do well with extreme temperatures. I am a needed to be between sixty and seventy degrees. I need to stay within that. You can like ice baths no football. No no i didn't. I didn't take him to be honest. I i would go to the chiropractor. I'd give myself saturday sunday. And then monday. I'd go to the chiropractor and we'd be good to go but i don't know i used to do them for track. I wanna fly. Spat would just do my feet. Don't i don't do the the feeling of if it starts feeling like needles are getting stuck in your no. I'm out on that so three hours. What was the temperature of the i. I mean it was just like an ice bat that he said in Yup just the full just like a big box full of ice and he's just sitting in there. Do you think at some point. I mean how much of the is. Were they replying ice or was it melting throughout and then like got warmer it looks like a bunch of ice so i'd imagine it would stay cold for a while and then they would maybe just put some more in there if they need to but at a certain point. Your body is just completely numb. Yeah and this is. This is how much of science windows hypothermia set in. I feel like three hours in a bath like that. It's gonna earn that much is hypothermia. Thirty is going to set in at some point. But i don't know enough about hypothetically. I guess leave me out of that. Good for him you know. I like talking about these world records. Because i like to see many of those i could break nope not on that. Yeah no the shower has to be the right temperature. My air conditioner heater in my vehicle. We always fidgeting with that trying to get the perfect temp. I'm not doing that at all not at all. Hey thanks to syrup four by four. Vip guests today brady whole And of course kevin lionel with the colorado and we will be back at it tomorrow. We've got robin varamin with livestock exchange get cattle market update and hoping. I'm going to be able to talk a little trash to mark kanoute's and tomorrow as well about the braves he picks it. He's like oh great. Another dodgers astros World series wrong mark wrong like mark. We'll talk to him about it tomorrow. That was that was one of the worst stakes. Maybe possibly the worst take them all time. The smartest people know that we'll be back tomorrow. State touch with us on our facebook page ad. No co now. All of our show replays are thirteen. Ten camp k. dot com for angel. Padilla i am tanner's went. This has been noko now. Present the jeanine agencies on northern colorado's voice three one at thirteen ten. Kfi will talk to you tomorrow..

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