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The Ukraine pregame show. Now here are Joe son, German and Byron Larkin. Welcome back to the U great pregame show. I'm Joe Sunder, but along with Xavier's head coach, Travis Steal, Xavier begins the season today with a new tip off against the Oakland University. Golden Grizzlies in coach. It's late November, and it's good to be talking to you about a basketball game. Talk about the journey your team his head since last season, through everything that's going on in the world, and finally this, you're this close to tip off again. Yeah, obviously, you know, with the pandemic going on, there's been a lot of uncertainty in the world with everything right and especially with college basketball as well. And that's what we deal with on a day to day basis and Just for our guys to see light at the end of the tunnel that we're that we're about to play somebody else. I know this. They're they're ready to play somebody else. They're tired of practicing. Tired of tired, You know, they're ready to roll so really, really excited to get out here on the floor Coach. Your team has three caps captains this year Paul Scrubs, a senior Jason Carter, a senior and Zach Freeman was soft more. Give us an idea of what you're expecting from each of those players. You know, those guys got a bit elitist during times of adversity, and I think that's what they're there for. They were voted by their peers by their teammates, that they're the leaders of our team, so we're really going to rely on those guys. In our huddles in our locker room, delete us in the right direction constantly throughout the year false crook. Second team all Big East preseason. How is he improved over the summer? No, his decision making has been a lot better. You know, I think turnovers have really plagued him during his career. He had savior. You know, he's a really good player. He's a warrior. He's competitive, plays the winning score it but Decision making has been critically important for Paul and you know, we track everything in practice. This is the first time in his savior career he's been over a 2 to 1 assist to turnover ratio and practice. Which is good to see. And we need that out of Paul. Jason Carter. Looks like he's in great shape he is, you know, he could play for a long time out there. You know, Defensively, Jason knows our system. We trust him. He does everything that we ask. We need him to elevate it on the glass. He's got to be even better on the glass this year than he was last year, And then he's got a easy to kind of pick. His spots offensively went to score. You know, I get we're looking for a big senior year from Jason Zack Fremantle just too soft, more name one of the captains. He leads by example. He does. You know, I think our guys really respect his work ethic. His competitiveness, his fire that he has He plays the wind. Obviously, Zach, he's had a great offseason. I expect him to have an all conference type of year as well. How about Kiki Tandy he ever just under 12 points in the eight wins in the Big East last year, so obviously when he's playing well, the team winning ball games and so forth. What do you expect? And what do you need out of kinky this year Offensively? We need him to be a guy could scored, You know, obviously losing Tyreke and Nagy two of our better scores on our team last year. You know, Kiki needs to build us elevate us in that area Be consistent. Not be a roller coaster, and he's no longer a freshman. I need consistency on both ends of the floor. But he's a guy that could get red. Hot as we know and score the score the ball all over the floor, so certainly disappointing. That depends. Stanley was not granted eligibility. For this season. He's 68 £230. He averaged 22 points, seven rebounds last season and Hampton and since he's not available, though you have Brian Griffin in Deonte Miles, they become that much more crucial for this ball club. Yeah, they do, you know again, obviously very unfortunate. For Ben. We're so glad he's a part of our program. You know, he's a warrior. He's tough. He's competitive. He's mature. He's taking this really well so far. As well as she can obviously disappointed. You can't be out there on the floor, though. First game coach here knew what you were looking forward to your ball club. I just want to be the hardest plan team. I do. We're gonna make mistakes. I don't know what to expect a little bit. You know, we're gonna play a lot of young guys. I'm excited about this group. But we want to be the hardest playing team on the floor. Good luck today, Coach. Thanks. This is the Ukraine pregame show. You're listening to save your basketball from the airfield I MG college on 700 wlw. The score is tied and it all comes down to this..

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