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About any issue online programs text forward to three five five one seven New Jersey one one point five instant weather at the weekend looks to add on a nice note we're fair to partly cloudy some patchy fog is possible would not be widespread lows upper fifties low sixties what sunshine season when breezy for your Sunday highs in the upper seventies abundant sunshine Monday and Tuesday when inside of eighty on Monday low to mid eighties Tuesday I'm dressed Tabor Atlantic city seventy five degrees Lakewood in my neck of the woods not far from Manchester seventy nine degrees and wrong ways seventy three rash driving an instant weather every fifteen minutes on New Jersey one oh one point five New Jersey weekends the new Jersey's biggest she's an easy lover I certainly hope that we're together forever Rick Astley right now well one point five days we whatever happened to Rick Astley New Jersey chime time is nine forty nine with Bob o'brien inviting you to trust New Jersey won a one point five chief meteorologist Dan zero for no hype Jersey whether listen on your radio on NJ one one five dot com and on our free New Jersey won a one point five app today and this coming week Friday the twelfth it was supposed to have been in theaters is a brand new movie called king of Staten Island but instead because of coronavirus in theaters being shut down.

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