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Some of the higher elevations a powerful winter storm is now on the move it's moving eastward across the United States it's expected to snarl travel plans for millions this weekend many are trying to get home after the holiday week meteorologist Jennifer gray says we'll see significant totals in certain parts of the country by Sunday still snowing for the northern plains of the upper Midwest rain still falling for the south and then as we get into the east you can see a little bit of the wintry mix heading into the northeast as well so we're going to see a lot of snow a lot of rain from this and a lot of travel headaches for the weekend the Coast Guard is searching for a helicopter that be able to return from a tour off one of the most popular Hawaiian coast lines last night Dan Simon's reports the chopper took off in bad weather and the search this morning has been hampered by it that helicopter did have electronic locator on it but at this point no signal has been detected and at this point we don't know who was on that helicopter we're talking about a total of seven people one pilot six passengers two of the passengers are believed to be minors at least twelve people are dead dozens more injured after a back air plane crashed into a building and cassock stand just seconds after took off on Friday morning correspondent Richard quest says authorities now investigating three important factors like has extended Sarkies who will be the principal investigator we'll be looking at three things firstly the pilots and take off of the aircraft secondly the maintenance of the aircraft I'm related to that the safety procedures all back at could this be another hate crime.

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