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But we we rock the block, we went into neighbor cleanup and did facade appears to extend that reach out beyond those twenty seven which is awesome to more folks in the community and trying to raise the water level for all boats. Okay. So joy Hamlin county kinda started the Lachlan movement. We NS p for funding. We did the me two thousand ten two thousand eleven awesome. So you the first proactive group to kind of go in there and get things stirred, and then reached out that or reach at you and say I want to be part of that. And then Cincinnati how many homes if you built in her twenty seven. You said that it really missed it. That's a lot of houses. And then doing repairs to that's changed that community I'll very much. So there's a lot of pride that's been improved. And there's a community group that's meeting on a regular basis that that is just trying to be more proactive the habitat homeowners. Oh, yes. I mean, that's a great great story. I hope everybody's feeling that energy as Robin was saying, you know, she volunteered at habitat and also people building and then cleaning up, but it takes people like joy working for the Hamlin county and reaching out and seeing and Ed saying, hey, we can be part of that excitement. And then you became the lead horse on the Dan habitat for humanity in in Cincinnati and across the country in many places wants to be part of neighborhood revitalization. We don't want to just complete a house and change your life. Right. We do that change. You can we can we partner together with organizations like Hamilton county community development. In.

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