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Get to that coming up he also James call me this is interesting you don't hear this reported anywhere really The New York Times did run the store yesterday but the dirty cop James Comey is under very serious investigation by federal prosecutors for leaking about violating the classified documents laws and all of that stuff so the it is confirm New York times running the store yesterday dirty cop James Comey is under investigation by federal prosecutors right now this was yesterday morning this came out have you seen the story all over the place did you see Rachel Maddow reported did you see CNN reported Lester Holt mention it the buried it's the you have to wonder about it so boy this fake news Hey speaking of which HBO is doing a documentary on fake news they've HBO spent a lot of money on these documents to some of them are pretty good so they wanted to a documentary on this phenomenon of fake news guess we got to do it for Brian Stelter the king of fake news Brian Stelter he's that Humpty Dumpty looking guy who's on the CNN Sunday mornings I think it's eleven o'clock it's it's it's it's cold reliable sources he's the most biased little twit you have ever seen the most slanted buyers show this is to HBO hires to do this this is a most ridiculous thing in the world but again HBO this part of Time Warner which owns CNN I didn't think of it that's probably the connection there so it's HBO it's time Warner they need to CNN guy so they get it in Brian's doctors the media report I guess that's how they justify him so of but absolutely ridiculous to think that that's a good mother having book Bernie made off to financial commentary for CNBC so the fake impeachment will take place it looks like it'll begin Tuesday Mondays the holidays Martin Luther king I'll be off on Monday but Monday is a holiday everybody will be off so each will begin Tuesday at one o'clock I ask them the way to my show was over so it's at one o'clock on Tuesday the president is allowed to have defense lawyers the legal team and he's announced his team can star who is a former Securicor a former special council member he was the one with the Clinton impeachment was Ken Starr the did the investors ready to people the original special prosecutor was Robert ray then replaced by Ken Starr now both those guys will join the trump legal defense team it'll be Robert ray cans star and they've added Alan Dershowitz he was convicted of that was an impossible appeal but Dershowitz wanted so he done some very tough cases Dershowitz a meeting it was said yes to this because with I guess he's pointed out this is a slam dunk win for Donald Trump it's the easiest case in the world to win so Dershowitz will get a nice paycheck for this and we're quite quite the hero after it's over SO Dershowitz will be on the defense team and then the the White House guys Jay Sekulow and who's the other guy Pat chip alone those would be the two other guys so that's the defence team that's all you need there's really nothing to defend there's nothing to explain the transcript of the phone calls already been released so that's it that's the whole case holding up the money to Ukraine but you know he's gonna hold up or you don't have to pay the money you could do it vomited just give nothing for eight years even when they were being attacked the gave nothing no foreign aid no military eight nothing you could do that for the holy years we don't owe them four hundred million there's no reason you have to give them money so there's no case at all was nothing you could call with the witnesses don't mean anything the only reason Democrats are calling for them they're trying to create some sort of TV show that hopefully people watch but this will start Tuesday the president said he wanted to go as fast as possible Democrats will try to drag it out what will happen is we'll get acquitted easily and that'll be the end of that I predict you will be impeached again definitely in the second term but may be before the election they might impeachment can let me try a second time believe it or not I mean there that crazy they cannot win they've got no candidate they have absolutely no issue to run on there's nothing you can run on the the only time you not to present on after one term it's always the same issue the economy and in the case of presidents of lost after one term Ford Carter bush senior the economy was a disaster that's how you beat him right now we got the greatest economy ever the best unemployment numbers ever wages are up manufacturing jobs are coming back this nothing is nothing to run on nothing so you got to try to impeach him so they will they will probably try again in the late summer they'll try to impeach him again I'm the find something else will be to impeachment and then they'll try to impeach him in the third term hello bill be impeached three toughs and a couple of things will happen he'll brag that you'll be able to brag he's the most impeach president and they couldn't lay a glove on him and it will totally make the term impeachment just useless a laughable after that you know when Schumer said justice of very solemn grave thing to impeach a president what used to be but now it's not anymore now they see you can impeach him over anything that bothers you any little thing that bothers you can impeach a president so it's starting with more and more ridiculous and now that they've set the bar here in the future it's possible every president will be impeached for anything he does the people don't like now like something that just announce an impeachment so we'll see Tuesday at one o'clock we'll see what McConnell's able to pull off this chamber exist precisely precisely madam president so that we can look past the daily dramas and understand how our actions will reverberate our generation all right now you listen and sing unca does an awful thing this guy with a healthy thing doesn't matter supposedly apparently behind the scenes he is the master manipulator he will pull the strings and pull the lever is just the right way and that's a hill good so hopefully we'll see you heard on the news that Sir about when they went in to talk to the president but less parnas I don't even know who this man is other than I guess they noticed that in the room the president had these charts and graphs of the entire country and all the counties and they were each they were figuring out exactly where he stands election wise right now that you know you see these public polls a New York times CNN poll of Washington post poll of NBC news poll and always shows the presence ten points behind everybody know these polls are real they don't use a likely voters the metrics a rig so Republicans are went down to twenty three percent of the sample that totally useless fake polls I mean absolutely nothing but behind the scenes in the campaigns they have real polls now the fake polls you see in public cost about four five thousand each the real polls cost about a million a month a deadly serious polls that use actual voters and it's they used ten times as many people in the sample of the metrics are perfect in the real polls in the go county by county so you with the president knows exactly where he stands in the press noticed the charts were over there on a desk they could see what they were now I I I know for a fact that what's in those polls right now has the president winning three hundred and fifty five electoral votes so it's pretty possible who take forty five states without blinking so I'm sure the DNC and the Democrats behind the scenes have exactly the same stuff so they've seen that that's why the impeachment that's why this is important to them but seek only shot they got right now so maybe the queen apparently has calmed down this is like is bigger than the Iran war this whole thing the queen apparently is calm down they've sort of work this out they know that this prince Harry is a little nuts that he's run off with this moron and they'll just wait the five years till she's gone maybe four years might be three years in every now and then the let him back in a candid assisted don't want him there that's what you really feel great you know you have the royal family Canada's what you Canada has so much going on that they don't need to believe in Canada doesn't want them so expect them to end up in California which is perfect for them that's exactly where they belong in Hollywood going up there at some point you know Sir I want to come to New York because it's a mess right now Hey speaking of which this is election year twenty twenty next year is our mayoral election that's when the New York elections take place twenty twenty one nobody is happy with what's going on here it's a disaster used to be able to just pick on mayor de Blasio but governor Cuomo hasn't been much help the state legislature is a disaster everything is slowly deteriorating crime is coming back despite the juggled numbers New York is turning into a home with it is a homeless camp all over again menacing homeless people chasing people attacking people it's a bad situation getting worse so twenty twenty one we need a new mayor the city went through this before and then Rudy guiliani came along and straighten everything out you need to ray Kelly type commissioner you need a a bill Bratton to somebody you need something so who is on the horizon to run for mayor the problem is the Democrats have big control over everything and they got a slew of really bad far left wing candidates you got this nutty city council speaker Cory Johnson a complete left wing wacko he's probably in the lead right now then you got the public advocate your money Williams another left wing crazy the visa type just close all the prisons let everybody out I have homeless people all over the place so what else you got they get the Brooklyn borough president he's better than the rest of them although it's probably still if we got but is is Eric Adams sharp guy of former career in the police department high ranking guy in the police department for years now the Brooklyn borough president so again kinda left wing but he's better than the rest of them lot of people think that's what he's got his eye on running for mayor in twenty twenty one currently over the weekend he was meeting with the double Lazio's and everybody is leaking out that some kind of deal was in the works that he wants the blood here to support him for mayor and that in exchange he will help sure lane McRae the blood his wife become the Brooklyn borough president no that's not the scariest thing in the world she's horrible and I'm not being a nice person but horrible when she's anywhere in your government she's the one that lost a billion dollars it just slipped down the drain when the she was running that stupid program she put together the call that idiotic program where does the things like yoga lessons for the homeless and anyway she lost a billion does she adjusted disaster but if you're the Brooklyn borough president it's not that dangerous for the whole city a borough president really can't screw things up I mean they don't control the police or any of that so that's part number apparently the deal is this is supposed to the deal that the Eric Adams wants to Bly's you'll support from there and I don't believe the story entirely because if you were running for mayor would you want the blood your support with that help or hurt I don't know that that would help it might actually cost you votes Eric Adams you got a police background you were high ranking police official to most people sound like Hey maybe got a law and order guy here who's got the blouse you endorsing it that that what's that credential out so we'll see what happens otherwise you gonna have it was all these of these democratic tax that show up for every election Scott stringer those kind of guys so it but it's a bit you know we're pretty early now it's a year and a half away or more but this is something we really got to keep an eye on so Hey this for companies now that are worth a trillion dollars in America four trillion dollar companies for them alphabet that's Google Google was a parent company have called off of it just became a trillion dollar company can you name the other three yep Amazon apple Microsoft Microsoft still up there four trillion dollar companies in America so have you tried to buy a TV yet it's impossible just going no then try to buy television set is the most confusing thing in the world I mean you know what size you want that's pretty easy but then talk to anybody about that do what for KD one H. K. D. one Ellie DD one eight K. nine K. twelve K. this K. it's the most confusing thing on it I have no idea and then they brag about how smart the TV is this is probably the last thing you want these might try to get the dumbest TV you can get the smart TV's got a camera it's got a microphone it's watching you it's a listening to you it's and been all kinds in news reports investigations into this it is sending data back to the companies on your every move so the dumbest TV you can get a four K. eight K. twelve K. O. L. E. D. forget it there's nothing nothing on the year that shot in these formats the them nothing really need to see if you want check out the web page I think it's still down with the little issue with our web page here but you can go to seven ten W. O. R. slash mark seven ten W. O. R. slash mark to some pretty good stuff up.

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